Monday, July 07, 2008


There are many things that have been running through my head to blog about including a percolating post on first love, how I spent my 4th of July weekend and nearly had a panic attack in the pressing crowds and my finally booked vacation plans, responding with memories for everyone who commented on mine or even whining about this ridiculous cold that snuck up on me yesterday.

But when I arrived home from work there was a little surprise waiting for me. I'm not sure what this says about my housekeeping or rather plant keeping skills but this is what I spied:
Did you see it? Take a closer look:
Peel back those fronds and you'll see . . .
It's a mushroom! Growing in my houseplant! In my bedroom!
It sprung out of nowhere! Overnight, or rather over day, while I was away at work.
Does anyone read Tiffany's blog? Of course you do. I hope you didn't miss the mushroom post. The one where she was talking to me and discovered a monstrous mushroom in her garden.
Ironically enough, I had just hung up from catching up with Tiffany when I discovered this freakish-grows-out-of-nowhere-while-I'm-at-work mushroom:
Did I mention I got a new camera?I think the mushroom enjoyed posing a bit as I played with the micro setting:
Of course I text messaged Tiffany as soon as I spotted my new fungal roommate and her reply? "Time to Blog! Do u have any legos?"
Unlike Tiffany, I chose not to sample the mushroom and despite realizing I am not nearly as funny, I knew I had to follow her blogging command. So I hunted around my apartment for a lego equivalent because although this thing wasn't as HUGE as the behemouth from Tiff's garden, it is worth sharing because HELLO, it was in my bedroom and the world deserves to see.
First I set the mushroom up with the buddha from my bookshelf:Then this little hippo wanted to play:He really enjoyed posing:and posing: Until spiderman came in to steal the show:Then they all wanted to pose before I threw the thing out
If this is all a bit too strange for you, stay tuned because later this week I will answer this question:


Tiffany said...

Even though my mushroom would eat your mushroom for a snack, your mushroom is absolutely.....gorgeous! You know, as far as mushrooms go. I mean, really. That is a fine looking mushroom!

I'm so glad we were able to share these mushroom moments together.

KimmyGoat said...

Thank you for sharing such weirdness! I love it. Indeed, it is a beauty.

mickey said...

You and your mushroom and his friends really helped me to finish my night with a giggle. Thanks Alyssa. You are a treat. Nice photo skills, I envy you and your new camera.

hovergirl said...

loved the post. mycology lesson for the day - check it out

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