Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Three Words

Tiff brought the fun three word game back today. You can see the one I did a year ago here. I found number 7 of last year's crazy since I am wearing animal print shoes today! Find out which animal by reading my new list (which I wrote before I read last year's version):

What I am doing: avoiding my work
What I’m proud of today: not a thing
What I’m thinking about: inserting clever answers
Who is home: only my plants
Plans tonight: watching Jazz game
My weekend was: prizes/repotting/laundry
What’s for dinner: maybe some cookies?
Feelings about love: really need some
Feelings about life: holding pattern now
What I need: spice in life
What I want: change, change, change
What I have: too much stuff
My pet peeve: loud mouth breathing
My guilty pleasure: popcorn m&ms & netflix
What you don’t know about me: I'm often lonely
What I can hear: a printer printing
What I can smell: stale office air
My style: could use updating
My hairdo: overgrown and shaggy
My outfit: black beatnik zebra
My mood: longing for summer
The weather today: far too cold
Thoughts on parenting: a lofty goal
Thoughts on marriage: hope for it
Thoughts on politics: Obama in 2008!
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: avoid Avoid AVOID!
Thoughts on beauty: eye of beholder
Thoughts on sleep: would like more
Thoughts on writing: Keeps me sane (stolen from Tiff)
My favorite appliance: cuisinart food processor
My favorite car: don't need one
My favorite splurge: plane ticket home
My favorite beauty secret: shower every day
My favorite treat: hot fudge brownie
My favorite everyday pleasure: walking through NYC
Ten years ago: started law school (!!!)
Five years ago: worked for judge
One year ago: Easter in Boston
One year from now: making big change?
Five years from now: married with kids?
Ten years from now: crazy old spinster?
I’m famous for: my dance moves
I’ll never be famous for: my beautiful handwriting
Who I am: huge Jazz fan
Who I hope to be: wife and mother
What I’m thankful for: all my readers

Now, your turn!


Kami said...

Maybe some cookies?! What? I think if I lived in NY I would want to go to Whole Foods everyday to grocery shop, that store is neat!

P.S. Mouth breathers are the worst!

Tiffany said...

So fun to read. Wish I was in town tonight to eat cookies for dinner with you. Can't wait 'til we're neighbors (in a very general sense). :)

laceyJ. said...

I'm (secretly) a Jazz fan too! Go Jazz!

And, thank you, thank you for the cookie recipe- it looks amazing. I really cannot wait to try it! Thank you again!

mickey said...

That was so fun. I wish I could enjoy the streets of NY with you, I think I'd really enjoy that. I have to agree with the brownies, I love them too. Oh and once upon a time I used to be a good dancer, but that could have been only in my head. I love your goals and really want to take my turn with this one.

have a great day! :)

katie said...

I think I'm ready for a brownie sundae. And a trip to NY. That would cure your loneliness for about twenty minutes. You'd get sick of me quick.

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