Thursday, April 17, 2008

Curse of the Alamo

Last night was the last regular season game for the Jazz. It was a game I was both looking forward to and dreading. The Jazz have not won in San Antonio since 1999. Which means the Jazz have been shut out of a win at the Alamodome/AT&T Center for nearly a decade.

What gives?

Yesterday afternoon, as tension and excitement grew leading up to the game, my family debated the reasons for this losing streak and all the possible playoff scenarios if we managed to win and others lost and what would happen if the Jazz won and others won/lost via email. One challenge my brother pointed out was if we managed to "exorcise the Spurs demon" this would do wonders for the team's confidence on the road but it would have more than likely lined up a playoff scenario that forced the Jazz to play San Antonio in the first round forcing the Jazz to win three games in a row to keep home court advantage. I know, yesterday it was all very muddy.

My sister chimed in with her theory as to why the Jazz can't win in San Antonio (remember, she is one of the "funny kids"):

I think it's the Jazz team's fear of using the other team's bathroom that is the problem with the road games. A tidy lavatory is important when travelling.

Which brought more laughters and jokes but really we all felt like the way the Jazz have been playing the last week or two (or month or two!), this was it. We finally had a real chance at winning in San Antonio.

But no.

I didn't get home from work until the start of the second quarter and the game was already over. The Jazz looked pathetic. I only watched for fifteen or twenty minutes before I had to jump on a conference call with a client in Hong Kong (side note, international work is not glamorous. No one is sending me there, I just have to adjust my schedule to accommodate the crazy time differences!). During that time, I sent a text message to my family (all of whom I knew would be watching) asking "How did the Jazz get cursed in San Antonio?"

After a horrifying loss of 109 to 80, this morning I got an answer to my question regarding the origins of the curse from my brother via email:

Does anybody remember when The Mailman knocked David Robinson out cold with his elbow? I seem to remember Tim Duncan making some thinly veiled threats against the Jazz after that. Well, I did a little research, and Karl clocked The Admiral in the last meeting between the two teams in 1998. The Jazz won their next game in San Antonio the following year, but that was the last Jazz victory in San Antonio.

So the timing isn't perfect, but it's close enough to be creepy. I wonder if Tim Duncan cast some Santerian spell on us. Or maybe it's just bad karma for Karl knocking out the classiest guy the NBA has ever seen. Whatever it is, I think it's on Karl to make a public apology and end this streak once and for all.

There you go. The Spurs curse is Karl Malone's fault. So, Karl I'm asking - no, I'm begging you, PLEASE apologize to the Spurs!! I know you never got your ring, but please don't prevent a new generation of well deserving Jazz players from collecting theirs. You have until round 2 of the playoffs.

Oh, and do it for old times:


Kami said...

Geez Louise - for a New Yorker, you are a fanatic!

P.S. Sweet pic! Love the hat!

Annie said...

I love that you are a fanatic! My husband gets too upset and into it if we watch too much!

The outift is classic!!!

michele said...

oh the good times at hardees.

Mike said...

Hey, where'd you get that life-size cardboard cutout of Karl, it's AWESOME.

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