Monday, April 21, 2008

catching up

Sorry for the absence. Things have been hectic. Actually, the weekend was not hectic . . . it was very, very lazy. And just a little FYI, I realize the reason most of you come here is not to see photographic evidence of me stalking Karl Malone outside a Hardee's in Park City circa 1993 but for the next few weeks (hopefully stretching into June!) much of my spare time will be devoted to the Jazz in the playoffs and some of that might spill into my blog. In addition, work is crazy and with the exception of this coming weekend which is full of plans itself, I do not have a weekend alone in my apartment until June. Which is exciting, but is also a big reason I spent my weekend the way I did:

Friday night: From about 6 or 7 pm to about 9 pm Friday night I operated under the delusion that I would be ready to go home any minute and therefore did not need to order dinner at my desk. At 9 pm I caved, ordered dinner and it came at 9:30 pm, at which time I continued to believe I would be leaving any minute and decided to take my sushi home to eat. Ultimately, I did not get home until almost 11 pm at which time I broke out my tv tray and ate my sushi and edamame (hoping the fish hadn't gone bad in the interim) while watching part of Season 3 of Entourage. I then stayed up until 1 or 2 doing who knows what else.

Saturday: I must have really needed sleep because I did not budge until 11 am. Even with the late night of puddering that is a long time to sleep without stirring. I am not ashamed. I made myself some German Pancakes of Happiness (I'm too lazy at the moment to track down the link on Tiff's blog but they are delicious and you should try them) and ate them as I watched a 90210 rerun - the only redeeming portion of the Soap Network as far as I can tell. Motivated by the sun shining brightly outside, I pulled on shorts, a tank top and my gym shoes, dialed up my "workout" playlist, strapped my ipod to my arm and tied my house key to my shorts' draw string and ran down the stairs and into spring. It was over 75 degrees and I reveled in it for an hour as I walked about 5 miles along the Hudson River. As I felt the warmth of the sun on my shoulders mixed with the cooler air blowing off the water and observed everything around me I was struck by the beauty of New York City. The sky was blue, the water was softly lapping against the dock, people were running, biking, strolling, rollerblading and walking with smiles on their faces. Tourists were bustling on and off the giant cruise ships and the people stuck in traffic on the West Side Highway stared longingly out their windows at those of us who were able to take advantage of the first sunny Saturday. I was reminded of how lucky I am to live where I do by the tourists who were gulping down their first taste of the City and by the group of Tibetans confined behind gates shouting a chant to punctuate their signs and placards warning of the China's inhumane deeds. I wondered as passed, slowing my quick pace a bit, how I could show that I cared and believed they should be free from tyranny. I felt powerless so I just kept walking. Around 26th street I walked out onto a newly finished pier that I don't remember being accessible last summer and stretched. As I turned back toward the path I had to make a concerted effort to not dance my way back when Shakira told me Hips Don't Lie. A few songs later when I was almsot home I laughed at Give It Away when the Red Hot Chili Peppers claimed "Love is free, love me say hell yes!" as it transported me to an exact place and time in my distant past - in Michele's Pontiac cresting the hill of Highland Drive at Bengal Boulevard when she told me she was giving me those lyrics. Why does that moment stick out to me so much and why Michele decided that line belonged to me, I have no idea. But I do remember the gift, thanks Michele.

After my walk I ran up the 6 flights of stairs to my apartment. Ok, maybe "ran" isn't the best way to describe it but I pushed for better than walk. By that time my feet were killing me and I decided it was time to look for new walking shoes. I did some crunches and reminded myself how good it feels to exercise and asked myself why I don't do this every day . . .

After a shower, my ambition continued. Perhaps it was the open windows and the sun but I was suddenly very motivated to switch out my closet. tore off my sheets, started a load of laundry and retrieved the bins of summer clothes from my storage unit and started the project. Then I got tired. Fearful of regressive dips back into the 50s (with good reason given this morning's 45 degree start!) I couldn't commit to getting rid of everything although I was happy to discover many fun summer tops I had forgotten about. Trouble is, I don't have a lot of skirts and pants to replace all my heavy wool and flannel winter work pants. So I abandoned the project and left the overflowing bins full of winter clothes in my bedroom and left to get a pedicure. Can I just tell you how much I love pedicures? I got an extra indulgent one with a long massage and asked the woman to work around the lengthy blister I had earned earlier in the afternoon. I was wearing plaid capris and a white v-neck t-shirt recovered from the summer bins and FLIP FLOPS! My favorite flip flops that will likely not last another summer but I enjoyed a reunion with them on Saturday nonetheless.

I continued my lazy self-indulgent errands as I returned the call of a long-distance friend I hadn't spoken with in months. I was a bit saddened to discover she is now dating someone I had a passing crush on a while back (someone she encouraged me to be interested in I might add) but luckily I was freshly relaxed and happy from the sunshine and pedicure. I stopped by the newly opened Pinkberry at Columbus Circle and enjoyed a vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and mangos as we caught up and I suddenly felt like my walk was nothing as she told me the reason why she is in Boston for the weekend - to run the blasted marathon! No wonder the boy picked her. After a stop in Whole Foods for groceries and CVS for popcorn and m&ms (for the game), I walked home in the now cooling air as I chatted with my mom.

When the game started at 9:30 pm I was excited. Game 1 of the playoffs! It was a stressful game despite the 10 point lead the Jazz managed to keep throughout. A win in Houston was huge and today I am trying to avoid being distracted by game 2 tonight. If only I knew some Jazz fans around here I could invite over rather than hording the popcorn to myself and settling on exchanging text messages with my dad that belatedly celebrate blocked shots, dunks and three pointers with messages like "AK!" or "Booz!" or "D Will!"

Sunday: There is really nothing to say about Sunday. Between lazily lounging on the couch, flipping channels and reading bits of my book, I did some vacuuming, cleaned up the kitchen, re-hung some very crooked paintings and mostly finished my wardrobe shift to assuage my guilt at not going into the office. When I am working the hours I am working and having back-to-back-to-back crazy weekends, about once a month I need a day where I don't go anywhere or do anything or see anyone. Yesterday was that day. That way, this Friday when I have a slumber party with a few girlfriends I never get to see (that was originally supposed to be a trip except no one could get away at the same time and was booked over a month ago!), I will be relaxed and enjoy it. And I will be ready for May when I will be traveling or hosting for a month solid - which will actually be lots of fun!

Ok, that is more than I intended to write - and now I have a meeting so no time for even a quick edit. Please forgive.

P.S. I have not forgotten about the divorce story, I just haven't had a chance to add anything lately. Hopefully sometime this week.


Kami said...

I know exactly where you were on highland drive and Bengal Boulevard. I went to BHS myself, oh the good old days.

Mmm. Pink Berry, I am anticipating the open of Red Mango by me.

Sounds like my kind of weekend.

michele said...

i do remember why i gave you that RHCP line (i think). i think we had gone to one of those cool young adult dances and you met a guy (maybe gummy?) and kissed him or something and i was kinda mad because you were way better than him and he didn't deserve to kiss you. wow we met the coolest guys at those dances...gummy, velour, dancing man.. the list goes on and on.

anyway, glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

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