Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bloggers are the best!

I send out one simple little plea for luck and I get hit with a deluge of well wishes, for that I am grateful. As you are all, I am sure, sitting on the edge of your respective seats waiting to hear the result of my little adventure today, I guess I will spill it. But sorry, I don't feel comfortable sharing details - client confidentiality, ongoing case, blah, blah, blah.

The long and the short of it is this: we lost.

Which sucks.

But, and here is the good part, I still think I did a kick ass job.


I was calm. I felt I was articulate and only read a few of my "talking points" in my opening statement. I honed in on my opposing counsel's weaknesses and errors on rebuttal and I clarified our position in a concise manner. Or at least it felt like that way at the time, we'll see how it really played out when I read the transcript full of "umms", "errs" and "like" (please don't let there be any "like"s!!).

Other than asking for an unbiased judge who would have listened to me more, I can't ask for much more. Maybe, rather than asking for the power of concerted blogger thoughts/prayers/well wishes for myself, I should have requested the power be focused on softening the judge's heart or something. I guess I was being selfish in only requesting I perform well, forgetting that what counts is where the judge comes out on the whole thing.

You see, he had already made up his mind. I know this because he read his ruling from the bench. One he (or more likely his law clerk) had already typed up before I ever stood up and introduced myself. So, the loss wasn't really about me.

To be honest, this was just another item to tack onto my list of complaints about New Jersey. Apologies to all the Jersey-ites out there, but I really don't like the state. I have had very few positive encounters with the place - either professionally or personally.

There was that one time several summers ago where I spent a Saturday in July at the "shore" (which is what they call the beach there) which was wonderful. Except the beach smelled like fish. Other than that it was a great day with a fun group of people. Afterwards, our crew of 15+ hung out in a NJ native's parent's backyard playing card games and jumping into the pool. That was fun.

There was also that brief period during which a friend of mine and I frequented a climbing gym somewhere in New Jersey on a semi-weekly basis.

But then there is the sad snarl of an excuse for an interstate called the NJ Turnpike. I've nearly missed flights thanks to the unpredictable nature of that thing and been stalled for hours trying to get out back to or out of NYC. Last summer New Jersey turned a four hour drive home from DC into a NINE hour drive! The first time my parents and I ever drove into New York City, we drove up from DC and spent several hours inching our way towards and into the Lincoln Tunnel crammed into my Subaru with all the belongings I had used over the summer living in Virginia, both of my parent's luggage and the basic apartment starter kit stuff we picked up at Costco. Which meant, instead of admiring the City skyline as we inched along, my mom was buried under a giant package of toilet paper. Oh, and if you ever find yourself driving through the northeast corridor, please make a point of stopping for a bathroom break before you enter the state or hold it until after you leave or else you will end up waiting in ridiculously long lines only to question how much you really need to go when you see the most disgusting public restrooms ever. Do they not have a health department in New Jersey? And if you miss your turn because, oh, I don't know, they don't know how to use proper and helpful signage on their highways, then forget about hopping off and turning around because you may accidentally find yourself in a ghetto area of Newark or Elizabeth that scares you even with the doors locked in broad daylight.

And I think we all know how I feel about the New Jersey Nets. Did I mention how gross the chicken fingers were at that game? Blech.

And what about the time my local counsel treated me like a 5-year old and tried to tell me how to deal with my client? Or what about the fact that the entire bar is a good old boys network bit behind the times in gender relations.

I'm not trying to irritate any locals here and I did not mean to turn this into an anti-Jersey rant. I have friends who live in New Jersey. Good friends. They seem to like it well enough. I went to a fun wedding in Newark once and I've had dinner on a couple of separate occassions in the seemingly large (by comparison) apartments of friends in Jersey City.

All I am saying is New Jersey makes itself tough to love and we are just not exactly on the best of terms right now so please no crazy Jersey-is-great-you're-the-one-who-sucks comments. I'm just trying to cope with losing my case.

p.s. I tried to increase the font size and my efforts failed the first time. I'm going to try one more time.


Jen said...

Well done!

See, I practice patent law so I never, ever have to do that sort of thing. If I have to enter a courtroom, something really bad has happened. :-)

Aimee said...

Having lived in Connecticut for 2 years, with a cousin who lived in Jersey, I would frequently drive there to visit her. I totally HEAR you on the NJ thing! I literally could tell exactly when I drove across the border into Jersey because the roads and signs were immediately confusing - oh, and I started hitting potholes on the road.
I remember spending an aggravating hour trying to access the IKEA in Elizabeth: I could see it from the freeway, but I couldn't figure out where to exit and get over to it. So then I tried to get back on the freeway (pardon me, I forgot, nothing's "free" about it) -highway, but you're exactly right, you can't turn around. It is an absolute nightmare to drive there.

You vent, girl! I'm hearing you!

Oh, and good job on your first trial. I bet it's nice to get that under your belt!

Beck said...

Living where I do, roads without potholes freak me out.
I'm sorry you lost your case, but good for you for doing such a wonderful, confident job!

Leslie said...

Dang that judge! What's the point, if he's not even going to HEAR the full argument??

I'm glad that you feel good about your part though.

critts said...

I'm sorry you didn't win but it sounds like YOU did an awesome job! Way to go! I was thinking of you that whole day so I'm glad you did a great job!

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