Sunday, April 13, 2008

bits and pieces

A few odds and ends of what I've been up to lately:

* just finished my taxes - WOOHOO!
* someone please remind me this isn't nearly as painful as I always anticipate and tell me to just do it in January! or maybe February! Or at least sooner than April 13th
* against the advice of others, I watched I Am Legend. Hated it. No, that doesn't quite explain it. This movie made stressed me out, made me anxious and nervous and afterwards, I was completely shook up! I do not remember hating a movie this much in a very long time. Why did I even watch it? And why did I finish it? Ugh, my stupid curiosity. The movie was filmed all over my neighborhood and I saw the film crew constantly during the fall of 2006 and even saw Will Smith and the dog a block from my apartment one Saturday morning when they were filming the scene when the red race car was zooming around the empty city streets. I felt connected to this movie and wanted to see bits of my neighborhood I guess. It wasn't worth it. And here is a big fat **SPOILER** I HATED that they killed the dog. Hated it. I even saw it coming and it absolutely wrecked me as I sat on my couch on Friday night procrastinating my taxes. I would have been better off doing taxes rather than subject myself to that horrible angst. It wasn't like when Old Yeller died, this just came across as a giant emotional manipulation by the stupid movie trying to freak me out and exploit my attachment to Will Smith's character's one and only living friend. Oh, and the creepy rabies/zombie/vampire people? They were the creepiest, scariest things I have ever seen. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!
* Saturday I went to a bridal shower in Connecticut, it was a beautiful day and it was nice to get away from the City for a bit and enjoy the views of the ocean from a quaint little yacht club.
* We played the toilet paper wedding dress game and I actually thought it was fun - mostly because the other girls were a lot of fun and didn't mind when I kept telling them our dressing looked like a Civil War nurse, then a nun, then sort of mummy-ish, yet I failed to offer helpful suggestions for improvement. We didn't win.
* I had to speed back to the City to prepare for the ward activity which meant I left my apartment at 830 am, stopped briefly between 4 and 430 to change and grab some supplies, then didn't return until 930 pm. That equals a long and exhausting Saturday.
* Friday night I made Pioneer Woman's sheet cake for the activity - it was delicious (or at least I thought so). But somehow the dumb store-bought desserts got eaten before mine and I had to cart half a sheet cake home to tempt me into adding another 10 pounds to my already 10-pound overweight butt. I thought I was being clever by adding some chili spiced ganache since the activity was a chili and chocolate cook-off, but maybe people didn't like it. Oh, well.

* Enjoyed showing a friend, her daughter, sister and mother around NYC today and had a great time brunching at Alice's Tea Cup, wandering through Central Park - who needs DC when we have cherry blossoms this beautiful right here in my own City? - went to the Museum of Natural History, wandered around in SoHo, grabbed snacks at Rice to Riches and Pinkberry (it really is as good as all the hype), oh, and some chocolate from Vosges and stopped in the Louis Vuitton store for my friend's sister (I told her that although we might mock her desire for one of those bags, we were happy to indulge her fantasies at the same time), took a time-out in my apartment, admired the view from my roof and finished up with dinner at Vynl. I think I would call this the Alyssa Special Tour of NYC. It was a great day.


katie said...

I'm pretty sure I would like your, "Alyssa's special tour of NYC."

Kami said...

Me Too!

mickey said...

Sign me up! I love the picutres. I am so sorry you hated I AM LEGEND. I wish I could have seen Will Smith so close to your home.

mickey said...

p.s. is there any way to make your font bigger to read? i have a real hard time reading it...maybe i need glasses.

Ma said...

I agree with Mickey. The font does need to be bigger especially since I usually read these late at night when my eyes are tired.

I do need to make another trip to NYC again.

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