Monday, March 17, 2008

My Weekend

This last weekend I took a mini-vacation without leaving town. I took Friday off work and hosted my brother, sister-in-law and my super adorable niece Regina:

Seriously, isn't she beautiful? Don't worry, I have more proof below. And look how cute we look together (that is a one of those rare photos where I actually like what my hair is doing)!

We spent most of the weekend hanging out in my apartment - eating mostly. Thursday night we had grilled cheese sandwiches with Irish cheddar (you know, for St. Patrick's Day) and tomato basil soup, Friday morning I made quiche and baked maple bacon, Friday night we ordered Malaysian from Penang - a favorite anytime they come to town and Sunday we had Indian food prepared by one of my favorite fancy restaurants Tabla but delivered with my groceries from Fresh Direct - so yummy. My brother also helped me assemble some new furniture I had delivered on Friday (Regina is showing off one of the book cases below) and get rid of my old TV.
Friday night Jason and Nadia went to the Metropolitan Opera to see Tristan & Isolde - their first date since Regina was born. I was so happy and honored to be the first one to babysit this sweet little one - even if she did sleep through our entire evening together and didn't even open her eyes when she cried for her 10 pm feeding. She just guzzled the bottle down with her eyes closed and I told her it was fine, we would have plenty of other girl nights for bonding over the course of her life. We had several little chats like that. Including Saturday morning when I spied her kicking and giggling in her crib while her parents were getting some much needed sleep. I picked her up and spent a very enjoyable 20 minutes making faces at her on my bed and telling her how beautiful she is and how it is okay if she decides I am her favorite aunt - it can be our little secret.

Saturday we met my brother's friend (who grew up two doors down and who will perpetually be 10 years old to me) for brunch and then took Regina for her first subway ride. She loved riding around in the little carrier with her dad and although there was many fun and interesting sights and sounds to take in on the subway, she fell asleep before we made it to our destination - Rice to Riches where we each selected a different rice pudding flavor to take home and then wandered down Mulberry Street so Nadia could see Little Italy. It was such a beautiful day - perhaps the first real hint that winter will in fact end someday - that it felt like all of Manhattan was strolling and roaming around.

Saturday night Jason and I ventured over to New Jersey to watch the Jazz lose to the New Jersey Nets at the last second. I am starting to fear I am bad luck for the Jazz since they have lost all three games I have attended this year (Knicks in December, Celtics in December and now the Nets!). We had amazing seats just 16 rows behind the basket near the Nets bench. Jason and I were pretty obnoxious fans. So much so that in the final minute when the game got really intense and the Nets were shooting free throws at the basket in front of us we stood up and banged our noise maker things together and yelled at the players. I could hear people behind us yelling to sit down but I ignored them because . . . it is a basketball game! While the Jazz were missing a crucial shot that lost them the game on the other end of the court, an usher ran down to tell us to sit down. What? Crazy, right? Seconds after we were told to sit down (because of our Jazz t-shirts I'm sure), the Nets were on their feet because the Jazz missed the shot and were coming back to our end of the court. Jerks. The food was disgusting too. And I don't have high expectations of food at a sporting arena but edible is one of the qualities I require. One highlight was seeing Kyle Korver up close - I have a major crush on him and I might have yelled "I love you Kyle" once or twice. And my brother may have even yelled "my sister wants your number!" Maybe. . . . and today is his birthday so Happy Birthday Kyle!! I don't think six years is too much of an age difference. (And if this post feels disjointed, I blame the fact that I am trying to write while watching the Jazz tease Toronto by letting the game stay close). Speaking of close - look how close we were sitting on Saturday!

And one more spotlight on Regina - I made several attempts to capture her energy on video but any time she was giggling and bouncing around and I pulled the camera out - she stopped what she was doing and just stared at the camera and refused to do anything. This is the best one - she was sitting on my lap and wiggling all over the place, I had a hard time keeping her away from the camera.


Kami said...

Wow Pictures and a video?! That is so great! Your niece is darling!

Two years ago I took a girls trip with my mom and sisters and we went to Rice to Riches. It is so good! My mom died and went to heaven there. There is now a Pudding on the Rice in Provo Utah. They completely copied everything from Rice to Riches. It is good, although there is nothing like a NY original.
Looks like a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

We watched the entire Jazz/Nets game, rewinding every three minutes to see if we could see you. I think I may have, but can't be sure. But we FELT your energy, all the way through the TV.

What a gorgeous niece you have, by the way!

critts said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! And I must say...your niece is absolutely beautiful. Those are some amazing eyes!

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