Thursday, March 20, 2008

it's a small world

So, a while back, before I started my saga, I was struggling for post ideas and did a lame little post about my Tiger Beat 5 in which I not only shared my 7th grade celebrity crushes but I also divulged my first real life crush and how it ultimately crushed me. And for whatever reason, instead of being my normal cautious blogging self that hides behind pseudonyms, first names only or initials, I included both his first and last name. I even commented on how funny it was that I could remember both his first and last name. I don't know if I was feeling reckless back in January, thought he would never google his own name (yeah, we all do it), if I doubted my own memory in terms of spelling or if I had some secret wish he would find me . . . Actually, I think it was none of these things. My guess is it was just a quick post I dashed off with little thought before hitting publish as I often do.


He found me.

My 7th grade crush found me and tonight I received the following little treasure in my inbox:

"Alyssa, sorry about the way you were treated back in the day. I just happen to be on the computer while standing duty on my submarine and what do you know, I came across this about me and junior high in Chico. Sorry about everyone hurting your feelings, I guess it's been 20 years. I hope all is well for you- Benjamin Kirscher"

How sweet is that? It is almost an Oprah-esque moment of overcoming the hurt from childhood.

Only, he was never mean or hurtful - he just made me laugh in history class - and I was never really scarred. There are definitely no lingering hurt feelings, these things are simply rites of passage and give one character which is probably why I remember it so well.

And "standing duty on my submarine"? Way to go Ben, you are either serving our country (something I admire greatly, thanks) or you are stinking rich and have some eccentric travel preferences. Either way, thanks for dropping a line. I hope all is well with you and please feel free to stop by again any time. And leave comments. I love comments.

Anyone else lurking out there from my past?


Nadia said...

Whoa. That is really awesome. How nice of him to comment.

Tiffany said...

Wow. That. Is. So. Freaking. Cool.

And he has a submarine. How cool is that?

katie said...

I sometimes wonder what Jay Chester is doing. He's probably in prison. My dad always referred to him as "Chester the Molester".

Kami said...

That is crazy! He googled his own name, that is awesome! The internet really makes it a small world.

Maria said...

That is really great- good for him. I've posted a couple times, but don't know if you remember.

I was in your ward in Salt Lake for a couple months before you headed back to NYC. I've been checking your blog every once in a while (found your link on Pepper's blog- love her).

Anyway- wanted to let you know you are a wonderful writer and I enjoy your blog.

Also, I'll be moving to Manhattan in about a week, so I may bump into you at church again!

critts said...

Wow! That is so cool!

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