Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm cooking!

That is right, I am home on a Monday night cooking dinner. This is more than unusual, it is something of an endangered species and I do not remember the last time this sort of thing happened! As luck would have it I got home early enough to eat more than a grilled cheese or bowl of cereal at home AND (most essentially) I have food to cook with. More specifically, I was inspired while shopping at Whole Foods Saturday by all the brightly colored veggies to collect ingredients for a veggie stir fry. And one thing I really love about Whole Foods is their habit of passing out samples of the fresh produce. On Saturday they were passing out samples of various types of yams and sweet potatoes (yum!). Which inspired me to add some to my teriyaki stir fry of mushrooms and broccoli. The bright orange adds great color and texture and hopefully flavor. Unfortunately I forgot to pick up and onion so my mushrooms were sauteed in garlic (fresh) and the tiniest little shallot I found lurking in my cupboard.
Things are smelling good so I think everything may be ready to eat now.

By the way, before the task masters start cracking their whips . . . I'm working on the next divorce installment. Thank you everyone for your oh, so kind and encouraging comments. But I should point out that if I did take you all up on your advice to write a book, you wouldn't know what happens next. And we are no where near the rock bottom of this saga. Yes, it gets a lot worse. You may need kleenex. Or not. Just be prepared.

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