Wednesday, February 27, 2008

takin' a break

My sister doesn't blog. But she should. She is hilarious. Or at least I think so. And what my blog needs right now is a bit of humor with all this heavy emotional stuff hanging around that is only going to get worse, a lot worse (take that as a warning). This morning I emailed my sister some random tidbit and instead of responding to whatever I had to say, I got the following:

Erin: The quail outside kept me awake last night. I woke up at 2:30 because I slept on my arm weird and it was completely numb! Then I heard this eerie cackle and realized it must be the quail family freaking out about something. It’s starting to warm up outside, so the quail must be reproducing already. I had the worst night’s sleep, so I’m so tired today!

Me: this cracked me up!! [then blah, blah, blah about my uneventful morning]

Erin: [ignores everything I've said] If you’ve ever heard mass quail panic in the middle of the night, you would know it sounds a little freaky. There must’ve been a cat or maybe they were just trying to warn someone that their car was getting broken into. Nah, quail aren’t smart enough for that. Although they do seem to have a strong sense of community. But most poligs do I think.

Me: still laughing........ "mass quail panic"!!! too funny [I gave up on having anything to add]

Erin: I just imagined hundreds of them scampering back in forth wondering who will save them. There are no leaders among them, most of the mothers were pregnant teens, so they cope with crisis by freaking out. You know, like they do when they are running across the road in front of a car. Instead of hurrying across like a cat would do, they run around in circles waiting for someone to tell them which way to go. I guess that’s what Darwin meant by survival of the fittest. Only I think survival by the most fertile species is more accurate than the fittest.

Maybe we could petition her to start her own blog . . . all in favor!


lizzie said...

blog, erin, blog! the blogger world needs you! please?!

Keith said...

Blog, ALYSSA, Blog! You have captivated your entire audience!
Maybe a little Tori Amos would go well...
Like a good book
I can't put this
Day back
(A Sorta Fairytale)
There are some other Tori Amos songs that would probably be appropriate...
Silent All These Years
I do realize this is a tough thing for you and it will come out, little by little. I'll try to be more patient.

emily said...

yes. your sister is funny. but NO MORE BREAKS. i am so anxious for the rest my teeth hurt. i don't know the story, not because i forgot, because i wasn't there.

Tiffany said...

Blog, Erin, blog! Truly funny. Survival of the fertilist. Fantastic.

Blog, Alyssa, blog! Can I come and do some filing or phone calls for you in order to return you to your blogging duties?

Kami said...

She is funny! Come'on it up!!

DeAnn said...

I don't even know you (I'm a blog stalker found my way from Tiffany's blog) and I vote you should blog!

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