Monday, February 11, 2008

so cold

it was so cold today I ended up wearing brown socks with gray pants.

Let me explain.

I have two options for getting to work. Walk the 1.3 miles (literally up hill for the first three blocks) which takes about 20-25 minutes or ride a shuttle bus for the first three blocks (which are also, incidentally the coldest blocks) and walk the remaining 15 minutes.

I didn't get out of bed until 830 this morning (I worked yesterday from 1230 to 9, then blogged, I was tired) and realized I needed to rush if I was going to make the 910 shuttle (the next one didn't come until 930). But I dawdled in the shower under the hot steam.

When I saw the temperature of 11 degrees on tv I realized I really needed to hustle. No way was I walking up the hill where the "feels like" temperature had to be well below zero.

So I rushed and pulled on a pair of gray pin striped pants I could pair with a cream turtle neck and blue argyle cardigan without too much effort but I stalled looking in my sock drawer. Feeling the time pressure at 906, I grabbed a pair of brown socks, threw them on with my uggs and dashed out the door with my purse, hat and pashmina flying behind me as I ran down the stairs and caught the shuttle just before it pulled away from the curb.

And believe me, I was happy to wear socks that didn't match all day rather than subject myself to that cold any longer than necessary. The portion of my commute where I had to walk was miserable. Breathing hurt. I had to pull my scarf over my mouth and nose so the air did not burn my lungs. Walking cross-town wasn't too terrible but I had to walk south four blocks and both Broadway and 7th Avenue were wind tunnels in which I was pushing up against a severe head wind that stung my face and induced an instantaneous and almost unbearable sinus pressure.

So I spent the rest of the day until about one hour ago (11 pm) holed up in my office toiling away until I took a car home.

I was anxious to keep writing my divorce story (which seriously needs a better name than that - all suggestions are welcome) but I am far too tired to write tonight as evidenced by the meandering stream of consciousness dribble that was spilling out.

More to come soon.


emily said...

title suggestion:

i'm a skinny lawyer, he's a bald walmart worker. i win.

Tiffany said...

I think you get one brow sock/gray trouser pass per year.

And I LOVE emily's title!

Kami said...

Gray and Brown work together, they are both wintery neutrals.

Kyle told me to tell you to tune into "My Morning Jacket" if you go to Bonnaroo. This is my favorite song.

Anonymous said...

Kami, I actually caught part of My Morning Jacket the last time I went to Bonnaroo and I liked them but have never investigated much further. I like the song you recommended so when I get itunes back up and running (a gripe for another day) I will do some more listening.

mickey said...

I love Emily's title too. And I know how that cold can hurt, even to just breath. While I was in Maine on my mission, I remember walking to the soup kitchen to do our service project and my eye lashes were frozen along with my nose hairs, pleasant I know.

critts said...

There is nothing that I miss about the cold winter weather and having to walk everywhere in the bitter cold. I miss living in NYC 9 months of the year, but January through March I'm happy to be where I am.

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