Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I may not like him but I'll say this much

Huckabee is entertaining. This blog post in the NY Times summarized a few sound bites - these are my favorites:
  • On running for the United States Senate if this presidential thing doesn’t work out: “It’s more likely I’ll dye my hair green, get a bunch of tattoos and go on tour with Amy Winehouse.”
  • On the rigors of a presidential campaign: “Arkansas politics and the savagery of it were far more intense than running for president.” [hmmm, maybe this explains the Clintons' political behavior. Or maybe just why Arkansas politics are so "savage".]
  • On why Senator Barack Obama appears to be beating [Clinton]: “The American people are not looking for someone who can fix a carburetor. They’re looking for someone who can drive the car.”


Tiffany said...

These are hilarious, although when I read the title, I thought this was another post about your divorce! Hah!

Emily said...

I also thought it was about your divorce! (And I don't know whether to laugh or to cry about Huckabee, honestly.)

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