Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the great sleep deprivation experiment

Sorry for the silence. I like to think I have been missed. I have spent the majority of my time away not sleeping which means I am in no shape to be writing but here I am. I just wanted to say a quick hello. Let you know I'm thinking of you all and wishing you well and hoping at some point I can catch up on the 160+ posts sitting in my google reader inbox. I'm also hoping that I will be able to return to my serial story soon as well.

A few highlights of what I have been doing and why I no longer sleep.
  • spent valentine's day working 19 straight hours
  • enjoyed the roses I received from my "Secret Admirer/Superfan" - you are the best, seriously
  • also enjoyed the chocolates from said superfan - happily polished off the last of them moments ago
  • worked a half-day of sorts on Friday after less than 3 hours of sleep
  • discovered my home computer had finally given up and died - still hoping that external hardrive I purchased did its job or else I have once again lost everything
  • ordered dinner the old fashioned way - over the phone - luckily I had memorized Vynl's menu after all my visits
  • packed for my whirlwind weekend trip
  • took a car to JFK and had an altercation with my driver when I realized he DID. NOT. KNOW. HOW. TO. GET. TO. THE. AIRPORT!!! Seriously, isn't that driver 101 in NYC? I kept asking him if he knew where he was and finally called the car service dispatcher when we stopped at a gas station for directions. Yeah, that isn't stressful on less than 3 hours of sleep when you are trying to catch a plane. . .
  • made it to the airport after guiding the driver there by pointing out the LARGE green signs on the expressway that say helpful things such as "JFK Airport" with an arrow
  • also had to make sure the driver didn't drop me off at arrivals
  • realized I had lost the ability to sleep, read, work or even watch tv as I flew 5 hours across the country during which time I could only stare blankly ahead of me while listening to my ipod
  • arrived in SLC at 2 am - which was 4 am NY time
  • chattered annoyingly at my sister the entire 20-minute drive to our parent's house and interspersed my chattering with comments about how she should ignore me if I'm not making sense because I wasn't
  • surprised my dog by rousing him out of the comfort of his dog house at 230 am and basked in his exuberance at seeing me unexpectedly and dragged his bed into my room for the night
  • ignored my sweet dog when he impatiently attempted to wake me before I was ready
  • reluctantly crawled out of bed at 9 am in to attempt preparing for an 11 am conference call
  • avoided the work by eating waffles with my family and introducing them to the wii
  • rejoiced when the mean person who wanted a conference call on a saturday cancelled at which point I decided to ignore my blackberry and the stack of work I dragged to Utah with me
  • laughed and laughed watching my mom and sister discover the joy of the wii
  • went to 4 different ski shops before I found a helmet that fit my oddly small head
  • made my dad's day by looking at tvs with him at Costco
  • went shopping with my sister where we each purchased fun new outfits for dinner
  • enjoyed an amazing dinner at La Caille with my family - seriously, it was amazing!
  • stayed up way too late talking with my mom (as always)
  • overslept and got up at 830 which made me an hour late meeting my friends to go snowboarding
  • enjoyed a FABULOUS day of snowboarding at Snow Basin with bright blue skys and beautiful powder
  • did not enjoy the crowds - especially when I fell hard on my butt when I had to dodge people which resulted in an extra large bruise
  • happily enjoyed a home cooked spaghetti dinner - something simple that I miss, it just felt like a normal family dinner
  • surprised fellow-blogger Tiffany with a birthday visit and a one-on-one tutorial in how to make red velvet cupcakes
  • realized sleep deprivation can make me hyper and excessively talkative (more so than usual)
  • happily stayed up talking into the am hour with Tiffany, Ryan and Mr. Smith
  • fell in love with Tiffany's sweet dog Lucy, all the funny quirky things Max says and Christian's eagerness to be one of the adults - a trait I remember well as an oldest child
  • drove home counting down the days until their east coast transition (seriously guys)
  • didn't find my way to bed until well after 1 am
  • roused myself at 9 am to head back up the canyon for more snowboarding - this time at Solitude, one of my favorite places on this earth
  • met a good friend there and caught up on each other's lives on the ski lift and tried to keep up or at least catch up with her racing down the hills
  • drove back down the canyon when my legs felt like they might collapse under me
  • picked up the delectable Cafe Rio for lunch
  • watched "Becoming Jane" with my family - so sad and tragic . . . feel like I can relate a little too much
  • had spa pedicures with my mom and sister
  • got into an altercation with a teenage pimply manager at The Pie over whether or not I had in fact ordered pizza from them (um, I had)
  • loved the nostalgic pizza despite his beligerance
  • played some more wii with the family
  • wrote a great birthday blog tribute to Tiffany in my head but never touched a computer - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TIFF!!!!!
  • reluctantly packed
  • boarded a red-eye flight with high hopes for sleeping
  • despite two sleeping pills, a pillow, eye mask, ipod, and a window exit row seat, I never fully slept but rather deliriously and uncomfortably drifted in and out of full consciousness
  • arrived home at 7 am and flung myself into bed for two hours
  • forced myself into the shower at 9 and prepared for court - yes, court
  • had the pleasure of moving for the admission of a good friend into federal court
  • after listening to all the exaggerated tales of connection between sponsor and applicant (and personal details such as he will be the best man at my wedding!), I resisted his suggestion that I introduce him to the court as a former boyfriend (lying is bad in court by the way) or his dare that I mention home teaching somehow
  • agreed to not awkwardly shake hands after the judge approved his admission (as a couple of others did) and laughed at the idea (but didn't do it) of him giving me a hug and swinging me around
  • raced in to work only to be greeted by all the work I had ignored over the weekend - why it didn't finish itself is beyond me
  • didn't have any caffeine until after 4 . . . I'm on my third diet coke now
  • now finishing my dinner at my desk at 8 pm hoping to go home within the next two hours before I pass out or forget how to sleep

Don't feel too sorry for me. The quick trip home was absolutely worth it. Even though I may not have the opportunity to sleep until Saturday. And even if I hibernate all next weekend as a result. I had a blast and would not do it differently. Except maybe I would try and work in one more day so I could see the people I didn't even tell I was coming to town because I knew I wouldn't have time to visit everyone.


critts said...

You definitely were missed! I was in SLC this past weekend too - I wish I'd known you were there. Sounds like you had a great trip though.

Kami said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I want to learn how to make Red Velvet cupcakes too! I think I am going to try to make Green Velvet Cupcakes for St. Patty's Day! :)

Tiffany said...

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for your your impromptu visit! It was truly a birthday highlight and a memory I'll have forever. Especially whenever I make RVC, which I plan to do every day until I die.

Glad you had a fun (albeit exhausting trip)!

By the way, I've had a few requests for the RVC recipe. I think you need to think about posting the recipe with a guided tutorial, although it might make me feel just slightly less special. :)

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