Wednesday, February 20, 2008

forgot to mention

two quotes I loved over the weekend:

Quote #1
Setting: my parent's basement, I was taking a fitness challenge on the wii sports with boxing when my dad walked in.

Dad: "You punch like a girl"
Me: "I am a girl" but trying to modify my punching style to not look like a girl somehow.

Result: my sad little wii age was 80!!! And I injured my left shoulder in my attempt to not punch like a girl and struggled to get in and out of shirts the rest of the weekend which made the shopping expedition with my sister very painful and taking off a sports bra excrutiating. I think it is all better now but I was a bit embarrassed that I injured myself playing the wii . . .

Quote #2
Setting: my parent's living room. I was reading my mom's Real Simple magazine looking at the eye shapes chatting with my parents and sister shortly before leaving for the airport:

Me: holding up the magazine to my face "which of these looks like my eyes?"
Mom: "the round one"
Dad: pointed to the "close set" ones . . . then changed his mind "a cross between the round and the almond"
Me: "not the hooded one? I think my eye lids are starting to droop so maybe they are hooded" I said as I pulled my eyebrows up and then pushed them down over my eyes to demonstrate the difference
My sister: "you don't have hooded eyes, those are your eyebrows!"

At which point the conversation veered into the plastic surgery realm - you know, in case I ever need to fix those hoods. I'm not sure what I said that preceded this next comment but I'm pretty sure I didn't say I wanted any plastic surgery.

Mom: "You don't need a face lift yet"

Yeah, I don't think I need a face lift yet either. Thanks for the reassurance Mom.


Kami said...

I think my eyelids are droopier too.

We are getting old - bummer!

Beck said...

I punch like Wilfred Brimley.

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