Thursday, February 14, 2008

blech (still not about the divorce)

I've been working crazy hours. crazy. as in go to work at 9 and come home at midnight. every day this week. oh, including sunday (that was kind of a half-day since I didn't go in until 1230). But most of the work is for my pro bono client so if we can pull off a miracle and win it will be worth it. Actually, it is worth it even if we lose (which we probably will) because I believe in my client. Maybe I will be asked to be on Oprah if we can win . . . (sleep deprivation talking).

Tonight I managed to slip out for a blissful hour and half to attend a friend's engagement party at the Yale Club. It was delightful and I didn't want to leave. Mostly because I knew when I left I had to go back to work. . . and I did.

Then I had to come home and do laundry, which is why I'm not in bed yet.

This work thing looks like it is going to be ugly for a while - I will definitely be spending Valentine's day ordering dinner at my desk. Whee!!! Then I am going to run out of town for some ME time and then the madness starts up again next week with THREE consecutive days in court (only two of which are hearings). The first court appearance is to swear a friend into federal court which is kind of exciting.

In reviewing my calendar I should have an opportunity to sit, ponder, reflect, create an blog something worth reading around the second week of March . . . I kid. Maybe. I sort of have something in the works.

But there was an up side to today. I wore a dress I bought on a whim a few weeks ago that I hadn't had an opportunity to wear (too cold) and I loved it. I loved how it looked and how it felt and how fantastic it looked with patent red peep-toe shoes. Really, it worked well in the office and transitioned nicely to the engagement party where I received compliments which are always lovely.

Oh, and I also received a wonderful package today from Emily that included the greatest toffee ever. I ate it all in one sitting even though it made me sick. I just felt that I deserved it somehow (the taste, not the sick).

Now I'm going to get my laundry out of the dryer, go to bed and try to ignore the fact that tomorrow is make-all-singles-feel-depressed-and-lame day.


Beck said...

Today you should know that God has someone wonderful planned just for you. Be happy.

autumn said...

When I'm really tired, I also daydream about going on Oprah. Even though I have no idea what I would go on for. At least you have a case. Happy Valentine's Day, even if it will be a crappy one. Order a really good dinner to eat at your desk.

critts said...

That would be so cool if you end up on Oprah! And where are you off to this weekend for your "me" time?

Kami said...

Your outfit sounds darling! So fun to feel cute.

I hope you have a happy "Lovings" Day!

Tiffany said...

Oh how I love the idea of a pro bono client! That's Anyway, if you end up on Oprah, PROMISE that you will take me with you so that I can sit in the audience and nod sweetly with perfectly coiffed hair in a jewel-toned turtleneck. Promise?

I'm really bummed that you have to work so much, however, because I'm ready for my next installment of "Blech (Totally About the Divorce)."

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