Monday, January 07, 2008

resolutions for 2008 and other meaningless nonsense

  1. be more social. seriously, that is my number one resolution. because if there is anything I have learned over the past couple of years it is this: I do not meet boys on my couch or in my office.
  2. cardio. 2-3 times a week. this is long over due.

that is all. looks like 2008 is going to be an ambitious year. at least I have made some progress on #1 and went out Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! That might be a record. I have a newish friend who has taken it upon herself to be my social director. I appreciate it as it makes my resolution a lot easier. I may even be moving past the self-conscious new friend stage and into the comfortable enough to disavow lemon "cleansing diet" by loudly exclaiming I will keep my "extra pounds" with a slap to said extra pounds on the back of my thigh at a dinner party of 8 to 10 people. Possibly.

In other news, I have another wedding coming up. Actually, this particular couple eloped in December and this is just the fancy party to celebrate. I could just wear one of the dresses I purchased for weddings last year but out of curiosity I perused Bluefly for awhile with nothing grabbing my eye, so I moved on to Nordstroms hoping to find the dress I fell in love with last September but did not buy due to the outrageous price tag and possibly tricky shape. And what luck, it was still there and 40% off!! Yeah for January sales. Except that 40% is still pricey. I ordered it anyway justifying it by telling myself if it doesn't transform me into a goddess I will just return it.

I saw The Kite Runner last week. I really enjoyed it but the book of course was better. Plus I think it may have been difficult to understand the main character's actions in the beginning without the full character development in the book. So read the book. Then see the movie.

I also saw La Vie en Rose about the life of French singer Edith Piaf. It was beautiful and moving and I surprised myself by understanding some of the French as it was spoken. I had an unofficial goal to watch one French movie a month last year and while I didn't exactly meet that goal, I did watch a large number of French movies and perhaps some of that neglected portion of my brain is opening back up. Or maybe it shouldn't surprise me when I understand phrases like "fermer la porte" however it is spelled . . . I'm not looking it up.

Music wise 2008 is off to a good start. Amanda gave me The Killers album Sawdust which is fantastic and Eddie Vedder's Into the Wild which is EXCELLENT! Seriously, I am addicted. I also received an itunes gift card from someone which I used to purchase some Regina Spektor (who Tiffany was kind enough to introduce me to) and I really love the song Another Town (Bonus Version).

Oh, one of the reasons I haven't posted for most of the year is not just my overly crowded social calendar, I was trying to complete this New Year's meme I saw somewhere and thought might be fun. . . until I started reflecting on 2007 and I got really depressed (which is dangerous in January) and had to quit. There are only so many ways I can answer "no love", "went to Iceland!" "everything is pretty much the same as a year ago".

Sorry, one last bit of random: last week the temperature in New York City was bottoming out in the teens. It was ridiculously cold. Walking home from work this evening around 8 pm I told my sister it felt like it was 50 degrees only to discover it was SIXTY DEGREES! In January!! Last year we had a bizarre and eerie Saturday that hit 70. While I appreciate the wind chill taking a break, wacky weather is unsettling and I would prefer an early spring in March when there is some hope it will still rather than winter dragging its feet into April as it did last year.

Now I'm off to get ready for bed so I can follow through with resolution #2 tomorrow and go to the gym. Hopefully my lingering snowboarding injury will just quiet down and let me ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes in peace.


emily said...

what about on the couch in your office. boom-chicka-wah-wah...

Beck said...

Those are GREAT resolutions. You know how I met men? I'd ask my friends if they knew any nice, single men and ta da, they did.

autumn said...

Good luck! I find being social sort of difficult. I too am loving the new Killers album.

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