Monday, January 21, 2008

The Poconos!

Wasn't it beautiful? I had a great time, even though I didn't spend much time outdoors other than taking this photo but here are a few highlights of the adventure:
  • the GPS thing in our car was not too helpful in assisting us in maneuvering around the aptly named "Hideout" community to locate our cabin but we were happy once we found it
  • it was the second house we were a bit disappointed in . . . what with the old people smell mingled with cat and a touch of septic tank odor that smacked you in the nose the second you opened the door . . . which was where I slept for two nights on a bed that crinkled like packing materials - a few samples of the cat decor (Liz, I know your mom will love this stuff!). There is also a paw imprint with a photo of a cat but I'm too lazy to turn it the right way to post it so just imagine it on your own.
  • stayed up until 4 am Friday night laughing and talking and making new friends . . . I hadn't done that in a very looooong time
  • I realized that my thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes were generally the polar opposite of the group - but I still liked everyone and enjoyed their company and I think they liked me, it was just interesting to confirm how different I am from those with whom I feel I should be more alike due to the shared religion
  • especially when it came to politics - which was a popular weekend topic
  • this particular divergence was emphasized when I was accosted by one boy in the kitchen who demanded I give him three reasons why I liked Obama (as an aside I would love to see an Obama/McCain race as I see them as the best candidates on each party. And if you want to know why, this article sums up a lot of my thoughts on both candidates. I'm an independent and not fully committed but Obama is my current leading choice) - all other conversations stopped and I was immediately surrounded by six or seven anxious Romney fans awaiting my justifications which . . . surprisingly enough (HA!) they did not agree with and the one seeking my answers walked away before I could finish my first point - classy
  • I did find common ground with one guy who has been a friend for many years so it was nice to have a political ally but most people (minus demanding-three-reasons boy) were good sports about it and we had some interesting political conversations
  • I made potato cheese broccoli soup and rolls (from frozen dough) with a touch of spice on top for the crew of 18 people and I believe they all enjoyed it
  • there was a lot of lounging around in pajamas on Saturday and Sunday and very little exploring what with the mostly single digit (I'm guessing from the few times I ventured out to the car) temps outside
  • it was so cold that after we (ok I) accidentally left several cans of Diet Coke on the balcony they started exploding - it took us a while to realize it was the soda and not some bizarre bird with issues that was causing the snow to turn brown . . .
  • no one went in the hot tub because it was at the house we dubbed the "cat house" (for the odor and the numerous cat knick knacks littering the place - sorry for the pun, it was initially unintentional and then I found it funny) and upon lifting the cover someone proclaimed it smelled like a dirty fish tank . . . yeah, no one wanted to try it out after that
  • I learned how to play some fun new games such as this one and this one and brushed up on old favorites such as this one, a rousing game of scum and a fun and revealing variation on I Have Never (of the non-drinking game variety)
  • demanding-three-reasons boy gave me a foot rub which almost made up for him later calling me bitter . . . almost. I really hope he was joking. I had never met him before this weekend but somehow we fell into a sarcastic sparring match that would not quit (I was to blame as well). I still can't decide if he was just joking around or if he just did not like me.
  • oh, and there was that time when I left a boy (who incidentally has the most beautiful and mesmerizing eyes and I would totally have a crush on him if I let myself but seeing as he has zero interest in me I keep myself in check once I manage to break away from spell cast by his piercing gaze) alone with my ipod perusing my photos of Iceland only to have him stumble onto this collection of photos and loudly proclaim "IS THIS YOU!!" upon discovering the lovely slip and bra pic . . . sorry Em, I had completely forgotten it had made its way onto my ipod. I don't embarrass terribly easily but that was a point when I am sure I turned several shades of red
  • and yes, it was the cutest boy in the house who discovered it and he did say he had discovered a different side of me or something to that effect - whatever, I looked good back in the day so I am not ashamed!
  • round robin ping pong was invented, behold:
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  • we took a short side trip to Scranton to look for Jim and Pam and all we found was this sign
  • we watched a lot of football on Sunday and both teams I picked (Chargers and Green Bay) lost
  • feeling toasty compared to the players at those games I took a walk just before sunset and my companion and I nearly froze and had to run part of the way home so we didn't get frost bite - seeing the half-frozen lake was worth the cold though, it was eerily beautiful
  • performed some dance/karaoke on the wii someone was kind enough to bring - I was shameless but sadly (and predictably) not good. I was very sad no one brought guitar hero so I could strut my stuff
  • played some rousing games of air hockey and pool
  • learned I have very different ideas on dating and relationships than my peers
  • beat Friday night's late night record and didn't go to bed until 5 am Saturday, err, Sunday morning
  • participated in a spooning train where I had the good fortune to be nestled in with the beautiful eyes boy who, incidentally also smelled quite nice
  • ate and ate and ate and ate
  • only picked up my book once and barely read a few pages
  • stopped at some outlet stores on the way home where we were given exactly one hour to explore this sprawling monstrosity - after some aimless wandering I managed to buy a sweater, a pair of shoes, a necklace and some earrings. There was so much time pressure I felt as if I was a contestant on some sort of timed shopping spree show. I also found two different pairs of heels that would have gone perfectly with this dress for the event I am attending in two weeks but neither pair was available in my size!
  • happily arrived home by 6 pm and have spent most of that time enjoying the silence and peace of my own apartment and have ignored unpacking my suitcase on purpose
How was your weekend?


Tiffany said...

I'm so glad it turned out fun after all! The cat decor is amazing.

Glad to hear that your resolution got off to a good start!

autumn said...

The cats are hilarious! So funny. It sounds like you had a good time. I also enjoy the racy picture story.

Beck said...

It sounds like a good time!
You should email beautiful eye boy. I'm just sayin'.

Ma said...

I'm glad that you had a fun trip, but being the lawyer that you are, you need to be able to respond to those who ask you political questions since that will be the topic of conversation at many gatherings this political season.

I think that Obama has a lot of charisma and knows how to say all the right things. I certainly prefer him over Hillary, but I think that the 8th paragraph of your linked article where it shows his weaknesses (joining a group would have meant "deviating from liberal orthodoxy and coming to the middle") tells a lot about him. Bush was able to bring people together when he was governor of Texas, but it doesn't work that easily for a president and congress.

Sorry to bring up politics again, but you the subject will come up constantly this year.

It's good that you can have a fun time even though you have a difference of opinion on politics, dating, football teams, etc. . .just like home.

michele said...

remember the first time we karaoked? those were the days...

sounds like fun, and the cat decor is to die for!

i agree with beck. don't rule out the eye boy. after all he has seen you almost naked. kind of. in your bra picture.

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