Thursday, January 24, 2008

no one is paying me to say this

But seriously if you have never used Zappos to buy shoes, you really must start. I have been happy in the past but this last order was ridiculous. On Tuesday I decided to look for a pair of shoes I tried on at the outlets on Monday but could not find in my size that I thought would match perfectly with the dress I am wearing to a wedding next week. I found the shoes on Zappos for about the same price as they were at the outlet and in my size. So I placed the order around 8:50 pm. Now the two best selling points for Zappos are that 1) they have FREE overnight shipping; and 2) they have FREE return shipping. Which means I can buy as many shoes as I want. Try them on in the comfort of my own home prancing around with whatever outfit I am hoping they match and if I hate them I can print out a return label and ship them right back. I LOVE this kind of shopping. Last month I bought three pairs of boots. When I was trying one pair on that I was hoping/praying/wishing/willing to fit, it tore. The problem was I have a very high arch and instep which means tall boots without zippers just don't go on easily. Or at all. And the case of these boots they tore as I was tugging. And Zappos took them right back. Amazing! I wasn't out a dime. Love them.
So back to this week's tale. When I arrived at work on Wednesday I had a little email from my doorman that a UPS package had been delivered. I couldn't figure out what it could be since I had ordered my shoes only 12 hours earlier. But last night when I collected my packages (I had an amazon order that had been waiting for me since Friday) there was a Zappos box. The shoes are beautiful. They fit perfectly and match the dress even better. Behold, the shoes:
And the dress:
Can't wait to play dress-up with this little ensemble!


alison said...

i love the shoes! i love the dress! i can't wait to start shopping agin! you have inspired me.

Tiffany said...

I love the dress and the shoes. I need to replace my old red shoes with a new pair of red shoes. I just might have to use Zappos now!

emily said...

weird- get out of my head again.

when your UPS box came i was so confused to see TWO zappos boxes on my porch. one from you and one with snow boots we got for ethan.


pepper said...

super pretty

TheMorts said...

ohhh you will be jealous. We have a Zappos warehouse here in Kentucky and they have an outlet... Plus when i order from them it shows up the next day..

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