Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

  • on a flight that was more than three hours delayed after the flight attendants threatened to kick people off (and did) if they didn't get 5 volunteers to get off the plane because we were over the weight limit. Seriously! This is after they forced approximately 20 people to get bumped because they way, way, way overbooked the flight.
  • arrived at my sister's apartment after 2 am . . . which was actually 4 am for me
  • spent Saturday the 22nd sleeping in and finishing Christmas shopping in Park City with my mom and sister
  • also went to Target for no reason other than it was there and got a surprise smack in the behind from Emily. In return I gave her a cupcake because for the first several days I was home I pushed my leftover dessert party goods on everyone around me.
  • bought myself a merry Christmas present (because I'm selfish!) at the Coach outlet and I am seriously in love with my new purse
  • finally finished reading Love in the Time of Cholera which I did not exactly love. The beginning was beautiful, what with the opening of "It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love" and all but overall I preferred One Hundred Years of Solitude
  • ate and ate and ate . . . Cafe Rio, Red Iguana, Pizza Factory, Chinese take-out, LaFaunda's Mexican left-overs, HUGE family pot-luck with spicy pulled pork sandwiches, breakfast bread pudding (courtesy of moi on Christmas morning), large ham dinner for Christmas, Barbacoa (aka, the lesser Cafe Rio) and of course all the neighbor treats that were everywhere at all times
  • and I still came home 5 pounds lighter! Not sure how that happened but I'm pretty sure I have gained it all back in less than 48 hours even though I've barely eaten anything
  • ended up turning pages for my dad as he played his cello with the choir at church for the Christmas program (before and after he spoke in church and before he taught Sunday School! Church was all about my dad that day!) . . . something I hadn't done for him since I was a proud little 10-year old stepping in during his orchestra rehearsal.
  • wrapped a lot of presents, or more accurately, wrapped a lot of presents a lot of times for the family wrapping game (RULES: 1) wrap a bunch of small, often silly, gifts in varying amount of layers of wrapping paper 2) sit in a large circle and hand everyone a gift (explain to children that Santa's elves got a bit confused and messed up all the presents) 3) play Christmas music as everyone passes the gifts around the circle 4) stop the music and everyone unwraps one layer of paper 5) you get to keep the present if you unwrap the last layer of paper or trade 6) chaos generally ensues and little boys end up with necklaces and books on how to clean with baking soda while grandpa wonders why he got soap.
  • attended the big mega party with my mom's family

  • made some faces at my camera with various cousins
  • spent some quality time with my diggity dog Malcolm, we both loved the snow
  • went snowboarding with my cousins and their mom (my aunt who is younger than me!)

  • got stuck on a ski lift with 12-year old Aiden for an hour . . . in the FREEZING cold. He barely talked until we were rewarded with $10 gift certificates when we finally disembarked and cashed $5 in for two hot chocolates in the lodge. As we sat up there in near silence I kept wondering how one goes about talking to 12-year boys. I was at a loss when I was 12 (for a very different reason) and I am completely clueless now. Ultimately I decided I was lucky he was willing to be seen in public with someone as old and uncool as me
  • discovered something new about my dating restrictions:
  • because my sister thinks she is funny. . . even though I believe I have only dated one self-proclaimed, full fledged Republican
  • watched The Bourne Ultimatum
  • took a midnight walk with Malcolm
  • went snowboarding with Michele ... believe me, we were hard core (see how my hair is all white to prove it?)
  • spent a very therapeutic evening with five beautiful girls I am lucky to count as my friends and ate about 15 of those amazing chocolate mint cookies Emily made. Seriously Em, those were SO good!
  • took a road trip with my sister to St. George
  • visited my house (so strange to call it mine!)
  • with the beautiful Red Hill across the street
  • stayed up talking with my mom, sister and grandparents until 2:30 am just talking, so fun.
  • saw Charlie Wilson's War . . . a good movie. Loved that the theater had a sign reading "no refunds for content"! Great reminder of being back in Utah.
  • finalized the water rights deal on my well . . . that's right, I own a house AND a well (but we forgot to have Grandpa walk me over to show me how it works!)
  • went to a Jazz game with my parents and sister . . . too bad they lost to the Celtics
  • became addicted to the Planet Earth dvd my sister gave my dad - decided I needed to buy it (but haven't), along with an HD tv (haven't yet).
  • tried to snowboard again on Sunday but there was TOO MUCH SNOW and they closed the canyon
  • used a snow blower for the first time
  • learned to play guitar hero with Amanda instead. And if she ever decides to de-lurk again and make a comment she would tell you all that I ROCK! and was the greatest beginner ever. . . at least I impressed her and her two children. I was really bad at every other wii game I tried, yet I still want one just so I can play guitar hero again! I'm seriously addicted . . .

  • my midnight Sunday flight was delayed to 5 am Monday and I was able to push myself to a 5 pm flight . . . even though it was slated to land in NYC at 11:30 pm. At least that gave me a reason to not have any New Year's Eve plans
  • so I went snowboarding one last time on a beautiful blue bird day . . . the parking lot guy flirted with me as I pulled my gear out of the car and put my boots on . . . he even told the other parking lot guy to "go away, I'm hitting on her", nice way to end 2007. The first run was incredible - deep powder, beautiful blue skies, no people on the hill and I had 6 runs left on my pass.

  • But on the second run I got a bit cocky (or just caught up in the beauty of it all) and as I was speeding over the perfect powder I suddenly found myself tumbling and landed on my back with my goggles and hat a few feet behind me. It took me a while to realize I wasn't broken in 22 different places. Plus I had to get over being mad at the skier who chose to flip me my goggles and hat with the tip of her ski pole but did not ask me if I was ok. Although at that point I might have said no which might have led to some overreacting and possibly ski patrol getting involved. So in retrospect it was probably a good thing I just stayed there in the snow, staring up at the sky until I managed to get up and push myself down the mountain. At the bottom I decided I was good enough to go up again. Bad idea. After one more hill I realized my back was in serious pain. Enough pain that turning was no longer a very good option. I spent a lot of time lying in the pillows of powder resting between turns on that last run convincing myself that getting back on the lift would be a bad idea. So I left and crossed my fingers that I would not run into the parking lot guy because then he would see I was a wimp. I drove slowly down the canyon (because I was a couple of cars behind a loser who thinks using brakes all the way down is a good idea) and about half-way down little white flashes started dancing before my eyes. I ignored them and did my best to will them away by drinking water but the sun was glaring and I didn't have my sunglasses. Eventually I put my goggles back on because I was afraid of the fuzziness that was forming around the perimeters of my sight and how I couldn't see the dashboard very well any more. I made it back to my parent's house and took a long hot shower after downing 2 Excedrin and a Coke. But things were getting worse not better and the nausea was growing and the pain in my back was not dissipating and I was convinced I had bruised my kidney so I monitored my urine to make sure there wasn't blood in there because for some reason I knew to look for that. I didn't (and I still don't) have a single bruise from the catastrophic crash. Just a very sore back, a stiff neck and a slightly tweaked knee that is giving me some concern. A took a couple more excedrin and drank yet another coke after my shower and tried to lie down and close my eyes as much as possible as my mom helped me finish packing and my dad . . . decided now was the time to test out his new electric screwdriver I gave him for Christmas RIGHT OUTSIDE MY ROOM! It was torture! When we left for the airport I was not quite better but my contacts were out and I was hiding behind my sunglasses and my flight was still hours away. We checked in my luggage and went to meet my brother, his wife and my sweet little niece Regina whose flight had just arrived.
  • By the time we were all seated at the Red Iguana for lunch my headache had all but disappeared. I had willed that migraine away with sheer determination and a lot of caffeine so I was able to enjoy a short visit with Jason, Nadia and Regina and witness Regina meeting her grandpa and aunt Erin for the first time
  • Other than the headache and the fall it was a fabulous New Year's Eve and my flight home was easy and uneventful and even comfortable since I managed to get a seat in the bulk head/emergency row.
  • I walked into my building lobby a few short minutes after 2008 hit and wished my doorman Happy New Year. One of my better New Year's Eves I would say.
  • spent New Year's day catching up on everyone's blogs but not feeling up to writing anything myself
  • ordered Thai food
  • the delivery man was the only person I saw on January 1 and the only person I spoke to
  • unpacked
  • finished reading Disgrace a beautiful little book by JM Coetzee I started on the plane the night before and highly recommend
  • did not take down my Christmas decorations
  • did not set any resolutions although some may be percolating in my head for later


Tiffany said...

Great recap! I'm still sad we didn't have a chance to meet up while you were out here. However, I did wave to your plan as it passed mine somewhere over Minnesota...

P.S. I am dying over your new t-shirt. PLEASE wear it to church on Sunday!

emily said...

yippee! thanks for blogging again. it's soooo irritating when people don't blog and i have no distractions. :)

critts said...

Sounds like you had a great trip but so sorry about the crash. I am so jealous you were able to eat at so many of my Utah favorites!

autumn said...

Sounds like you had a great time! So sorry we didn't meet up. I spent most of Christmas fighting a bizarre virus. Be happy you didn't see me.

michele said...

we are hard core! sorry about your injuries, although i'm glad you crashed in powder, not ice. i love guitar hero too. you looked like a rock star! it was great seeing you out here.

katie said...

Glad you had a great time here. Mike got the Planet Earth DVD set too and he loved it. Every night after the kids were in bed, he'd turn it on and ignore me for the next two hours. It's okay though...I watched some it and it really was fascinating.

erin said...

It's time you admit that you're a closet republican or a closet admirer of republicans.

Beck said...

Heh, that Republican t-shirt is pretty funny. Has anyone mentioned that you are QUITE the looker? Golly.

Beck said...

Heh, that Republican t-shirt is pretty funny. Has anyone mentioned that you are QUITE the looker? Golly.

lizzie said...

so fun to see you and hear about all of it!

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