Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a few things

  • First off, will January never end? I realize tomorrow is the last day but seriously I feel like it should have been gone a week ago. Luckily I now have Guitar Hero to keep me entertained.
  • Has anyone seen the movie Once? It is quite slow moving but I loved the music - which is what the movie is all about. It is tender and sweet and the guy and girl (who don't have names in the film) are just real. They seem like people you would know. If I can get my itunes back up and running (my computer is threatening a melt down right now) I want to see if I can hunt down the soundtrack.
  • At least I finally bought an external harddrive in anticipation of my computer's meltdown.
  • I really should call the Geek Squad again as a preventative measure
  • I also saw Mrs. Henderson Presents over the weekend which I enjoyed. Judi Dench was excellent and very funny as Mrs. Henderson. And it was interesting watching the special feature about the true story the movie was based on - essentially the first burlesque in London.
  • If you haven't read this story over on Pioneer Woman's blog, you really should. I should warn you - it is completely addicting and will suck you in for a good couple of hours!
  • Looks like I got my first anonymous hater comment yesterday. It felt like something momentous - the fact that I was so threatening with my (let me point what should be obvious to frequent readers) sarcastic snobbery about going to Brooklyn that a random passer by decided to stop and call me names. Hooray for stirring the pot! I just didn't think my most controversial post would be about a quirky observation on the routing of a package.
  • One good thing came out of the anonymous commenter, a commenter de-lurked to defend me! Thanks Keith and welcome!
  • I find it ironic that the first mean comment I received was on the same day I read this
  • getting my hair cut later today, nothing new or exciting planned, just the usual
  • check out my cute little niece kicking up a storm - I could hear her exuberance through the phone as I talked to my brother last night while she was in that little bouncer. Can't wait to see her again.
  • I need a vacation - somewhere warm. Anyone with me?
  • the Super Bowl is Sunday and I just realized I don't have any plans yet . . . hopefully I won't be left eating my traditional queso solo!!


Tiffany said...

Hate comment?? YOU GOT A HATE COMMENT? I hate haters!

And yes, January has worn out her welcome!

And yes, Once is great (though slow-moving). And yes, the soundtrack is amazing!

Still can't believe you got a hate comment. (Actually, I'm a little jealous!)

Shannon said...

I think it's great that you have enough readers to generate a hate comment. Most of my readers don't comment at all.

autumn said...

No, January will never end, no matter what the calendar says. And a hate comment? I think that means you've come a long way in the blog world.

Emily said...

Oooh, the hate commenters have been out in full force lately. I think Mars is in retrograde or something. Or maybe they're just jerks? Who knows. In any case, the presence of hate commenters certainly means that you've arrived!

michele said...

i'm jealous you got guitar hero.

way to go with the comments!

does vail count as warm?

katie said...

Annie and I are headed to Eagle, CO tomorrow. Wanna join us?

Kami said...

Fun to get a comment from you, and thanks for the tip so I don't waste 100 buckaroos.

I need to play guitar hero, I have been hearing all about it.

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