Monday, January 28, 2008

does this make sense to you?

1/25/2008 3:20 pm Picked Up by DHL.
8:42 pm Departing origin. Brooklyn, NY
11:46 pm In transit. Allentown Hub, PA
11:46 pm Processed at DHL Location. Allentown Hub, PA
1/26/2008 12:42 am Depart Facility Allentown Hub, PA
10:07 am Arrived at DHL facility. New York, NY
1/28/2008 2:38 pm With delivery courier. New York, NY

As far as I can tell from this tracking information, the Wii I ordered Thursday was picked up by DHL on Friday in Brooklyn and then sent to Pennsylvania before being routed back to me in Manhattan. What the hell?

I realize I rarely manage to visit any of the outer boroughs and when I do I admit I have a tendency to complain about the long subway ride, the transfers to strange subway lines and the distance people tend to live from subway stops in places like Brooklyn. As I am sitting here I cannot remember when the last time I went to Brooklyn was - I think it was last February. But then again, I rarely manage to travel north of 65th street or south of 50th street in Manhattan. I tend to stay within a cozy 30 minute walking distance from my home most of the time.

But even with that, I could have saved myself some needless DHL shipping costs and hopped on a subway to Brooklyn and picked up the Wii myself for a mere $2 charge on my metrocard rendering my wii's little joy ride to Pennsylvania completely unnecessary. Unless of course it stopped off at Hershey to pick up some chocolates for me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it makes perfect sense - you're a spoiled obnoxious Manhattanite who desperately needs to get over him/herself.

Keith said...

Don't listen to that idiot that first commented. They don't know enough about you to even know your gender (see last pronoun). I agree, the Wii shipment doesn't make sense, but those things do occur. I've been lurking for awhile just haven't said anything. And, by the way, those shoes and that dress are HOT!

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