Thursday, January 24, 2008

100 Things is BACK!

Stealing from Tiffany again . . . this is what I had to say last year (I read it after I did this list - sorry for the overlaps) and here is today's version:
  1. my new afternoon snack love is greek yogurt with honey
  2. my law school class voted me "most likely to be ally mcbeal" and I still don't know what to think of that
  3. I'm meeting a friend tonight at a restaurant called Taboon and I'm looking forward to the company and the food
  4. I have 3 bottles of wine in my office - one small bottle delivered with my dinner once (free), one bottle from a client at Christmas and another botter from the same client from last Christmas
  5. I can do the splits
  6. I've decided that Tylenol Cold Multi Symptom is actually helping my cold by pushing away my symptoms for a while (I know to retake it when I start sneezing again)
  7. my feet have very high arches and I am often asked if I was a dancer or told I should have been a dancer just for my feet
  8. I took dance lessons at the age of 3 and insisted on quitting and my mom told me I could never take it again if I quit. I still quit and I never took another dance lesson. I determined my dancing fate at the ripe old age of 3. Of course when my tutu arrived (after I insisted on quitting) I wanted back in.
  9. I love plants and have 5 in my office
  10. I found out today I am getting a bigger bonus than I anticipated this year!!
  11. so I bought myself a Nintendo Wii, even though I don't get the bonus until mid-February
  12. I should be reviewing resumes right now
  13. I wish I watched less TV
  14. I have never purchased a gossip magazine such as US Weekly or People - not even in a airport
  15. today is my brother Jason's birthday
  16. one of my best friends might move into my building - we are plotting all kinds of activities together in case she does
  17. I bought rollerblades because of a boy
  18. I learned how to rock climb because of a boy
  19. I learned how to snow board because of a boy
  20. I played indoor soccer (initially) because of a boy
  21. I love camping - but that has nothing to do with a boy, unless you count my dad introducing me to that love
  22. I have an affinity for the number 22 which is directly related to a long-time friend and it being her lucky number
  23. my carrel number in law school was 222 and I deemed that lucky
  24. I wish my blog could attract more readers/commenters
  25. I waffle between accepting my weight for what it is and craving the loss of 10 pounds (or 15 if I'm dreaming big)
  26. I feel weird if I go anywhere without three things: my phone, my blackberry and my ipod
  27. I'm not really a craver of candy, especially hard candy. I can pretty much pass on it 98.7% of the time
  28. I LOVE chocolate!
  29. I really love baking cupcakes - especially getting creative with them
  30. I love it even more when other people love my cupcakes and bring them up long after they have been devoured
  31. I suddenly feel my downloaded and posted photos are loser-ish since the most rigorous editing they go through is getting rid of red eye
  32. I don't own photoshop
  33. if I did I would have no idea how to use it
  34. I want to paint in an accent wall in my living room but I'm too afraid to commit to a color
  35. I am a snob about the music I listen to
  36. I broke my arm when I was 2 after my uncle (who was 4-ish at the time) shoved me out of a box
  37. john stamos has a beard and now he and my brother look shockingly similar - behold (and if you know my brother this is especially true if you cover Stamos' face from the nose down!):
  38. I enjoy discussing politics only with people who don't get crazy and exclusionary about their viewpoint (regardless of whether we agree or not)
  39. I realize I'm not very funny and I wish I was
  40. I have two extremely funny siblings
  41. and one like me - we think we're funny and we have our moments but we know we aren't one of the "funny kids"
  42. Vincent Van Gogh is one of my all time favorite artists and I feel like I have some extra entitlement to that claim because I have been to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam twice and I read the book Lust for Life
  43. I always wanted to be a great musician when I was growing up . . . but I never wanted to practice
  44. I think I am good at training dogs but I think the real factor is my dog was just the smartest and easiest to train animal ever born
  45. I am fairly certain I have some sort of social anxiety
  46. I have a "red" personality
  47. I carry a nylon shopping bag that folds into a tiny little pouch with me in my purse
  48. I wrote for the school paper in 9th grade
  49. I want to be the most important person to someone
  50. I like to say "good hell" which I picked up from Emily
  51. I think I might have tried out for cheerleader in 7th grade but I have no real recollection of this and I might be confused with a story my mom told me about when she and her best friend tried out for cheerleader (Ryan, is this what you meant by internalizing my mother?)
  52. I confess that I have watched Miss America Reality Check . . . and I kind of enjoy it
  53. I have always wanted a good nick-name and never really had one
  54. a couple of people called me Big Al in high school after we had a bus driver with that name on a band trip. I was thin so I didn't mind.
  55. Then a roommate called me Al in college - I don't think she used "Big" in front of it
  56. I don't want to be called Big Al now.
  57. I'm considering blogging about lost loves . . .
  58. I eat kit kats slowly - biting off all the chocolate ledges first from the outside, then eating one layer of wafer at a time. It is a slow and delicious process
  59. I was sad when I discovered through a Christmas email/letter update that a friend of mine (one I obviously do not keep in touch with) has been dating someone for a year - then I felt bad and selfish for feeling that way
  60. I love road trips
  61. I have never thrown up on purpose and I'm not sure I could make myself if I wanted to (and I don't)
  62. I have leftover peanutbutter cups in my freezer from my dessert party and I eat about one a week with a bowl of vanilla ice cream - the Bryer's slow churn that actually does not taste like low fat ice cream!
  63. alpacas make me laugh because of an incident in 4th grade involving a picture of one in a dictionary
  64. my AP American history teacher kicked me out of class for my "banshi from hell" laugh and said I was the first AP student she ever kicked out of class
  65. I had to buy my way back in with a case of Diet Coke
  66. I didn't drink carbonation for about ten years with the exception of a few random occasions where there wasn't another option and short interludes where I caved
  67. then I went to law school and discovered caffeine was needed on occasion
  68. then I started working at a law firm and realized caffeine is a daily necessity to make it through the day . . . most lawyers are shocked I don't drink coffee
  69. I would never go back to high school but sometimes I wish I could redo parts of college (and avoid the marriage and divorce in the middle)
  70. I have large hands with very long fingers but my feet are small for my height, kind of freakish, no?
  71. I once lost all the eyelashes on one eye in a freak basketball injury
  72. I also split open that thing that connects your top lip to your gums cliff jumping
  73. my most embarrasing fall was the first week of college my freshman year when I fell off my bike in front of some boys in a neighboring dorm. They were jerks and forever after asked "how's your bike" when they saw me
  74. I have terrible handwriting so I taught myself to type at a very young age (9 or 10 maybe?) and told my mom I didn't need to have good handwriting because I could type
  75. I used to be able to type over 100 words per minute but I have no idea how many I can type now
  76. one of my favorite things is spending girl time with close friends
  77. my family used to camp for a week in Island Park, Idaho near Yellowstone most summers and I miss that
  78. if I could live anywhere in the world I would probably choose Sydney, Australia if it wasn't such a long flight from my parent's home
  79. I wish I could sing . . . and play the guitar
  80. I think winter is useless if there isn't any pretty snow to look at
  81. I am anxious to see my niece again
  82. I need to start going to more concerts
  83. blogging might have turned me into a bad emailer, but I think I can blame my job more
  84. I wish my sister would paint more because I think she is an incredibly talented artist and deserves more attention for her work
  85. I grew up with a German Shephard named Josh who I partially viewed as my older brother
  86. he was put to sleep when I was 10 and he was 12 (I think)
  87. my dog Malcolm lives with my parents and he will be 12 in April . . . so very old for a black lab/great dane mutt
  88. I miss living with Malcolm and going for walks with him and having him read my moods
  89. my bigger bonus news means bathroom renovations for my house!
  90. I prefer hardwood floors with rugs to carpet
  91. I always wanted 4 kids . . . now I'm hoping for two
  92. when I was little I told my younger sister that when women have multiples (more than twins) they grow extra breasts and I convinced her by referencing Picasso's paintings - I doubt I was over 9 or 10 and she 5 or 6 yet we both knew who Picasso was.
  93. I have ideas about how I will raise my kids that I am sure everyone reading this blog would laugh at because reality would not play out as I envision it in my head
  94. when I was a toddler I loved trains
  95. now I love shoes even though I prefer to be barefoot as often as possible
  96. when I got married at 20 I had no plans or ideas or opinions about my wedding, now I have LOTS of plans, ideas and opinions . . .
  97. I think my green eyes are my best feature
  98. I like to dance when I'm all alone and getting ready to go out - it gives me confidence
  99. I am extremely monogomous
  100. I would like to see a Obama/McCain presidential race

Now it is your turn . . . tell me 100 things about yourself!


Tiffany said...

I love, love, love this exercise! Great way to get to know you even better, so thanks for doing it.

I will never get over the Picasso story! And your number 100 gave me beautiful goosebumps!

And your little nylon bag? I love my matching one, but I need to use it more often like you!

erin said...

Doesn't everyone dance in front of the mirror before going out? That's how you know how hot/not-hot you look in those jeans.

If Huckabee were to win the republican candidacy, would UT vote democrate for the first time in history?

I'm still waiting for the day when I finally see a three breasted woman like were apparently so common in Picasso's neighborhood.

autumn said...

The Picasso story might be the most hilarious thing I have heard in a very long time. So funny, and yet, it makes sense.

I love shoes too. I also dislike it when people are to pushy with their opinions. And I just took that personality test and am equal parts red and blue.

I'll have to get going on my 100. I love this exercise.

pepper said...

I love your list...and that photo is great your brother could be a stand-in for Stamos amazing!

michele said...

good list. i started one last year, maybe this is the year i finish it. good hell (i just wanted to try out #50) it's hard to think of 100 things to say about myself.

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