Monday, December 10, 2007

Mini Vacation at Home

I am struggling to find the words to adequately describe my weekend. After Tiffany's harrowing three and a half hour adventure from the airport to my apartment Thursday I knew I needed to step it up and show her the softer, gentler side of New York City - with pasta. I believe all was forgiven after sharing calamari, ravioli and gnocchi at Puttanesca.

Friday I managed to leave work at the unheard of early hour of 4:30!! What followed is a blur of shared laughter, about a million footsteps around the City, consumption of a lot more carbs, shopping, shopping, shopping and not a lot of sleep. I have to repeat that it felt like I was able to simultaneously take a mini-vacation in my own city and adopt a roommate for a weekend. A roommate with fabulous party decorating tips and impeccable fashion advice. A roommate who solved my snowflake light problem with the simple suggestion of hooks and convinced me to just try skinny jeans . . . and both worked and worked well! A roommate who agreed to order dinner in Friday, Saturday and Sunday even though she was just visiting (we were both too exhausted to venture out again!). Other than a brief year with my sister it has been over six years since I last had a roommate and of the approximately 25 roommates I have had, I only managed to really enjoy and bond with a very small few. I am self-examining enough to understand that I have a personality that does not mesh and meld with those of others easily which can make living with and traveling with other people challenging both for me and my companions. But with Tiffany everything felt easy and comfortable. As a result, rather than feeling relieved to have my space back and reclaim my independence when I came home tonight, I was sad to find an empty apartment and discover our trip was over so quickly.

To recap the highlights a bit I will rely mostly on photos:

After work (and a bit on my lunch hour) Tiff and I did some Fifth Avenue shopping at H&M and Nine West to ready ourselves for the annual dress up holiday party I was dragging her off to so she could witness the New York singles scene for herself (not necessarily an encouraging sight what with the low male ratio and the runty proportions of those who actually turned up). The best part was getting all dressed up and opting for a cab after Tiff's shoes nearly killed her right there on the sidewalk. Oh, and the $10 manicures - we thought our hands were going to freeze off on the walk home but we both managed to avoid any tragic smudges. Didn't we look great (other than the fact that my necklace kept putting the moves on my left breast)?
The party took place in the solarium of a downtown apartment building. We stepped outside long enough to snap a couple of pics (note the great red shoes!).
Tiffany had to show me how great and twirly her dress was:
We had grand plans to hit the swanky Hudson hotel bar in our fancy clothes but Tiffany had purchased torture devices called shoes and so we decided to make s'mores at my place instead and watch a really terrible movie because Netflix sent it to me (never watch Land of Women, seriously don't even try it for Adam Brody, he's not worth it).
We hauled ourselves out of bed at a reasonable time and only had to wait at Alice's Teacup for about 15 minutes before being served our delicious eggs benedict, pumpkin scone and herbal chai and rooibos teas. Such a girly brunch.

After brunch we bought a number of hats from a street vendor, stopped off at the church to use the bathroom (because if nothing else, I know where to go in this City!) and nearly cried listening to this little jazz quartet playing Christmas carols in the subway.
The we hit SoHo for shopping. Which is when Tiffany talked me into trying and subsequently buying skinny jeans (I really can't tell you how amazing it is she got me to even try the things on, let alone buy them!). Soon enough it was time for a chocolate break. Luckily we were near Vosges! We shared this beautiful glass of Aztec hot chocolate and those four truffles - all were divine!
As you might imagine, we were pretty beat by the time we landed back at my place around 530 or 6, which is why ordering dinner won out over going out. But we did manage to pull ourselves back outside to see Juno. Which again, I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved this movie. Go see it! I guess Juno put us in the right mood and we stayed up until all hours of the night bonding . . . because some conversations cannot happen during regular daylight hours.

And yet we miraculously managed to make our brunch reservations at Norma's the next morning at 1045 am! Here I am enjoying my smoothy sampler - I'm shocked I managed to look this good on only a few hours of sleep!
Our food: Normalita's huevos rancheros (my favorite dish) and mango and papaya crepes. We swapped plates half-way through.
The big event for Sunday was seeing the Rockettes, but first we had to check out the famous tree at Rockefeller Center. There is a big penny reflecting pond type thing set up in the plaza, so we attempted to take artsy photos and threw in our own two cents . . . . hee hee.
And this is the reason I never venture the two blocks over from my office to Rockefeller Center during December. Of course on Sunday I was a tourist so I managed to hold my hatred of crowds at bay (mostly!).
Tiffany in action:
Here we are waiting to see the show in Radio City Music Hall. The Christmas Spectacular was pretty spectacular although I think we were in agreement that the Toy Soldiers were the best and the Nativity scene was a bit strange as we were both worried that the wise men were going to burst into a dance number with a few high kicks.
Somehow we still had the energy for some more shopping before stopping in my favorite restaurant - Vynl - for a couple of Diet Cokes at the bar. I thought it was funny when the bartender asked if we wanted a menu and we just responded in unison "just Diet Coke . . . with a lime" and he responded "been shopping?"
Really we were just killing time until our spa appointment for pedicures. Which were incredibly relaxing. We went to Spa Ja which greeted us with hot towels and took our coats and packages and led us upstairs to private room where we were given warmed neck pillows, hot berry tea, sliced apples, strawberries and a few little treats. The women giving us pedicures probably wondered whether we even liked each other as we barely exchanged more than a few words the whole time and mostly fought the instinct of dozing off because we were finally so relaxed after all our running around!

We hailed a cab in our flip flops just as it started to sprinkle and made it home before the rain poured down where we ordered dinner from Vynl, relaxed a bit more then fixed my decorations and I made some red velvet cupcakes for my upcoming dessert party.

I have to say this was the best vacation I have had in New York in a very long time! Please come again soon Tiffany!!!


michele said...

fun vacation! wish i was there.

autumn said...

It really does sound like so much fun. And the chocolate truffles and hot chocolate look amazing. so jealous...

lizzie said...

me too...

Tiffany said...

How could I ever thank you for such a grand time? I am still on cloud nine from all of our fun and festivities. I hope we can do it again soon, roomie!

alison said...

how fun! you gals really did do a lot. i am jealous. especially because alice's tea cup was involved.

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