Sunday, December 02, 2007

decking the halls

Yesterday I got a haircut, then braved a few stores to pick up a few new ornaments to liven up my collection. I admit - I love Christmas ornaments. When I got home I put on some Christmas music and dove into the project of decking the halls of my small apartment. Things got a bit chaotic:
Poor little snowman nearly lost his perch in my plant - can you believe I can move that entire computer armoir thing on my own? I'm either freakishly strong or it is freakishly light. I think it actually some sort of miracle slidey things on the feet.
yeah, things got really ugly, I really wanted to give up right about here, but I tried to be brave and push through (this is my brave face)
you would be surprised how much stapling lights into your walls uses ab strength - I think it was the teetering and sometimes precarious positions I was in
seriously, things got ugly . . . and then . . .
I was all done - and it felt magical
Once again I strung the ornaments across the room - no tree for me :(
this is quite the challenge when your ceiling is made of concrete and there are steel barriers hidden under the paint in the walls
another perspective
I still have a few more decorations left that I want to use.
I have some ideas but they all require going back to the store.
With the Christmas lights and the Christmas music, all I wanted was snow to make it feel perfect.
Luckily for me, I woke up to the first snow of the season:
I wish I had snapped a photo this morning as I was leaving my apartment before 8 am but I was rushing to a 7:40 meeting (I was already quite late). The cold air rushed up at me as I pushed through the revolving doors and onto the still being shoveled snow covered walks. I ran to the corner happy I decided to wear practical flat boots as opposed to the heels I discarded at the last minute and took note of the quiet stillness of streets freshly coated in snow with very few tire marks, even as I cursed the snow for scaring all the cabs away. I wanted to take it all in and enjoy the still falling flakes, but I talked an off duty cab driver into driving me the 10 blocks I needed to go. Despite the length (meetings before and after church), I loved singing Christmas carols at church and being reminded of all the beautiful, magical things of Christmas.


Annie said...

I LOVE it!! You did a great job! And staples, not a bad idea! Oh, and your hair looks great too!!!

alison said...

your apartment looks great! makes me want to be in nyc (i know i am saying this again) for the holidays.

lizzie said...

so fun and so cute...even you!

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