Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Countdown and New York Christmas Scene VI

1 snowstorm predicted for Sunday
1 friend offered to come help me prepare on Sunday
2 bottles of pear juice in my fridge
3 maybe responses for my dessert party and 3 loaves of banana bread in the freezer and
4 cookie doughs chilling in my freezer (butter, plain sugar, peppermint red sugar and ginger)
possibly 5 different frostings to make for various cookies, brownies and cupcakes
6 bottles of ginger ale on hand for the punch
7 days until I fly home for Christmas
10 fingers desperate for a new manicure*
about 11 hours of my Saturday are committed to planning the church Christmas dinner
12 "bah humbug" responses for my dessert party
the 21 Club all trussed up for the season:
around 24 ganache truffles waiting to be made
36 minutes until the movie I'm seeing with Michele's family
46 nonresponsive invitees for my dessert party
48 hours left to prepare for my dessert party
50 or so pieces of fudge that need to be made, sliced and set out for guests
55 or so cranberries I need to remember to put in ice trays to freeze for the punch
approximately 58 peanut butter cups chilling in the fridge
about 60 miniature red velvet cupcakes stored in my freezer waiting for frosting
62 "loosening my belt" planning to attend responses for my dessert party
I need to make another 65 or so miniature chocolate cupcakes filled with pumpkin cheesecake
too many nuts to individually count waiting for me to turn into spiced nuts
600 pm on Sunday: the time I will panic and realize I need to shower, get dressed and put on makeup before my guests arrive
*which is why I never get manicures to begin with -- within the week half my nails are chipped and ruined


Tiffany said...

I am so jealous. Wish I could taste even one of your many treats. I tried red velvet cake tonight and I think I overcooked it. It's kind of dry. :(

My nails are totally chipped now, which makes me look like a kind of apathetic goth...

michele said...

mmm wish i could be there. wow. 62 planning on attending? i guess it's good i can't be there, no room. you are nuts. in a good way.

autumn said...

I so wish I could be there! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Casdok said...

All sounds yummy!

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