Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When I was in high school . . .

Below is a simple list comparing what we have now with the closest thing I can think of as a substitute for what I used way back in high school in the early 90s (1990 - 1993) (seriously, it wasn't that long ago).

[Please ignore this vast empty space, I was experimenting with html to create the table and clearly I failed the test and now I am too tired (and lack the resources) to figure out how to fix it so just scroll down . . . a lot.]

What We Have Now

What We Used Instead

Texting and Instant Messaging

Hand-written notes, passed between classes


Letters that took forever to arrive

Digital Cameras

Very large, clunky film

Google (oh, and the entire Internet!)

Encyclopedias/library/maps/ books/we were ignorant?

Navigation systems



Franklin Daytimer


Walkman, Discman if you were lucky and had the money (I was not)


Mixed tapes



$10+ movies

Dollar movies (as in $1)

Coldstone Ice Cream

Golden Swirl frozen yogurt, aka Golden Spoon

cell phones/iPhones (not that I have one!)

Payphones (of course cell phones were around but they were those HUGE brick cell phones or car phones – but kids certainly didn’t have them, none I knew at least)

Online dating

Classifieds in the paper (not that I knew anyone who did this in high school!)

“Virtual” games of any sort

Maybe D&D
and those magic games? I've never played virtual games or these so I'm just guessing here

Online banking

I had waited in line at the bank (NYers have the annoying habit of saying on line which irritates me) but all I
had was a savings account

Automatic bill pay

I don't think I had bills
yet but I still knew you had to write a check and put it in the mail to pay

Gift Cards

Gift Certificates –
paper ones


BMG or Columbia music clubs (remember all the unwanted cds that would arrive that had to be rejected and mailed back?)

Caller ID

Answering the phone and asking “who’s calling?” (I think *69 was at the end of high school or possibly early college)



Café Rio

Taco Bell

Online Ticketmaster

Standing in line at Smith’s – the ticketmaster outlet closest to my house

Manolo Blahniks


Laundry card (or any type of money card used for vending)


Fingerprint scan to get
into the gym (mine has this)

You tell the lady at the
front desk your name or id number

Those grocery
store/pharmacy discount cards (I hate them)


Microwave popcorn bags

We had this cool popper in which you put regular popcorn kernals

Electronic airline tickets (not that I ever flew anywhere in those days)

for that matter - not being able to carry a bottle of water through security at an airport!

An actual ticket from the airline or travel agent

You could carry a whole gallon jug if it fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you!

Online shopping

The mall or catalogues




Yard sales?

Diaper genie

Garbage can

Bookstore/library/music store

Barnes & Noble

Local, non-mega bookstores although mostly I remember the library (free books!)


I remember getting hot
chocolate at 7-11 a lot and at Hardee's

My Space/Face Book and all the other "social networks"

Maybe slam books?

So tell me, what differences can you can think of . . .


pepper said...

What a great list!

katie said...

Diet Coke---Tab
SUV---Station Wagon
Flip Flops---Thongs

Different times it is!

michele said...

i was thinking the other day about how in college i had to do a slide show. now the kids in elementary school are doing power point.

Blogger said...

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