Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thankful Thursday: Blogging Friends

This is the month for being grateful and since Emily started this great idea, I'm going to continue it and invite anyone who would like to join in.

The rules, according to Emily are: "i am going to list something good about all the bloggers i know, something they may not have realized. you get to leave a comment on something good about me AND each of the bloggers you know."

I am not always the best at giving compliments so in many ways this is more for me than you. It isn't that I don't see or appreciate people's strengths, it is more that I find it difficult to articulate in words what I admire about people. So here it goes, I'm including all of the bloggers I read who I feel I know well enough to point out something good about them. Whether we have been friends for years, are actually just friends here in blogger land or simply just know of each other through some mutual friend (making us friends-in-law?) and whether you even realize I'm reading your blog, here goes (in alphabetical order):

Alison: One of those friends-in-law who I have met many times but haven't ever really known with any depth. I have always referred to her as being one of Emily's "cool friends" (I am a left-over nerdy high school friend) because that is just how she has always come across to me - comfortable in her own skin and always dressed appropriately. My favorite part of her blog are the amazing photos she takes, especially of her daughters.

Andra: I admire her fortitude and strength. She has incredible faith and that is something I truly admire in people. She is walking the delicate balance of motherhood and career and that is an act I find impressive. Plus, she has amazing curly red hair!

Annie: Like all the girls in her family she is funny and witty and has the greatest smile. I love keeping up to date with her life all the way out in Tooele!

Autumn: This girl has style. She is probably one of the girliest girls I have ever been friends with and I love her. I'm pretty sure we became friends over a shared interest in shoes . . . and complaints about boys perhaps. Oh, and a love for baked goods and Cafe Rio. Wow, I think we really bonded over a mutual love of food. She is also an intent listener and great story-teller.

Beck: If you haven't read Beck's blog, go there now. I'm not sure what string of clicking landed me on her blog but I'm glad I did. She is an incredible writer and lives what I often view as an idyllic life quite opposite from mine. I love the way she puts words together.

Brooke: So many people strive to be different and only end up being a parody of someone else. Not Brooke. She is one of a kind with excellent taste in music and a good listener (this seems to be a common trait among my friends, hmmmm). Brooke has a tender heart but freely gives it to others.

Critts: Critts is probably the most organized person I have ever met. Ever. I have not seen her current home way out in Texas but I can promise it is spotless and looks like it came out of a magazine. The vast array of pillows on her bed alone inspire me (or at least they did way back in the day when we lived in the same city).

Emily: She inspired me to blog. She inspires me to do a lot of things. She has style and grace and a quiet beauty. She is the absolute best person to confide a crush in because she will listen to all the silly, ridiculous details and also be a good enough friend to say - he is not good enough for you, aim higher. And I so wish I had her confidence in painting walls. I'm afraid. Maybe I need her to visit to do a consult.

Kari: She draws people to her. There is just something about Kari that makes people want to be counted as her friend. She is also hilarious and freshman year of college would not have been the same without her.

Katie: She never seems to be phased by anything. I've lost count of how many kids she's had (kidding!) but she takes everything in stride and retains a sense of humor through it all. I really enjoy the tidbits of life she comments on in her blog.

Lizzie: I do not have enough words to truly express Liz's best qualities. Empathetic comes close but there is something more. She will sing at the top of her lungs and make you laugh until you cry or your side aches but she will also hold your hand and listen to you cry if that is what you need. She has strength and beauty she carries and shares freely without even realizing her vast influence.

Michele: There is no one better to take on an adventure - whether it is sneaking onto the Olympic bobsled run in the middle of the night (and you too Em!), relaxing on a catamaran in Mexico, camping out at a music festival with her baby, snowboarding or just inventing a game with coasters because there doesn't seem to be anything else to do . . . there is no one else I would rather invite along (at least until I'm married!). I don't think there is a person in this world who could dislike Michele and very few people ever land on her "baddie" list because she simply accepts people for who they are. A remarkable characteristic.

Mickey: Mickey makes me laugh. She tells fantastic stories and has amazing energy. I have to steal Emily's compliment and also add that she is the best listener. She listens intently, with eye contact, understanding head nods and genuiniely cares about what is being relayed. She likes to talk but if you are the one confiding, she just listens and doesn't try to one-up or over-relate (which is probably what I do). She also has a seemingly easy faith I have always admired (yes, even when I mocked the "churchyness" when we were younger).

Nadia: She is an effortless mother. I was amazed as I watched her bathe her brand new baby (my niece!) for the first time and appeared graceful, as if she had done it a million times before. No nerves, no tentativeness, she just did it (as I filmed and my brother asked funny questions). And it goes without saying but I will say it anyway that she is a truly talented singer and I cannot wait until I get to see her star in anther opera.

Pepper: What style and grace in such a nonchalant manner. She is good at selecting and sharing poetry and books and she is such an enthusiastic mother.

Tiffany: All I can say is, why didn't I meet her earlier in life? Like when we lived in the same city for more than a year or two. Tiff inspired me to start writing again (for better or worse), to find my creative voice. She was also my first commenter! She is funny, funny, funny and has the best style. And she is not just like that on her blog - but in real life. I admire her relationship with her children, she is a mother to admire.

Phew, I have a lot of great people to be thankful for. Aren't I lucky to know so many amazing women?


katie said...

Thanks for being so nice.

lizzie said...

thank you alyssa. and as for you, you are one person that i know that i can always count on. always. i truly believe that you moved back to utah for two years so you could be there for me when i went all crazy. you are the most stylish, smart, sophicated and cool friend i know and i love you. thanks!

autumn said...

How nice are you! Also, what a great idea. I like so many things about you, but I would have to say it was your sense of style and love of food as well, that and your sense of humor, and your loyalty to your friends. If you lived closer we'd have to explore a bakery at least once a week. There are not any good ones were I live right now. The whole thing is so depressing.

Beck said...

Oh, thank you so much!
I read through your list of blog friends with a furrowed brow - I'm not familiar with any of them! How on earth did we ever stumble on each other? (I'm glad we did!)

tiffany said...

I apologize for not seeing this yesterday; I was traveling and without internet. Anyway, I have to say thanks for such lovely compliments. I, too, wish we had met earlier!

I remember Liz talking about you before we ever met, and she was right about everything wonderful she ever said! I'm just glad I got the chance to meet you before you moved so far away!

I'm going to work on my own post now!

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