Friday, November 09, 2007

TGIF memories

I stole this idea from John. A blogger I should have included in yesterday' post (I knew I was forgetting some) because he writes these addicting serial stories on his blog that I love. He is an excellent writer and I discovered him through his also fab writer sister.

These are some of my Friday memories. Because who doesn't love Friday?
  • I remember playing in the high school pep band at football games on Friday nights, especially sophomore year when we would end the night waiting at the gas station across the street waiting for someone's mom to pick us up (oh the woes of not having a driver's license);
  • I remember the Friday I drove to LA from Salt Lake with my crazy friend Phil to go to some ridiculous party. We left close to midnight and I got not one but two speeding tickets! I vowed to never live in LA;
  • I looked forward to Fridays when I was dating a guy long distance and many Fridays meant he was flying to see me or I was flying to see him;
  • I remember not having any Friday classes in college . . . oh, wait. That wasn't me, that was a whole ton of other people I longed to be. I could never manage that trick and always - even in law school - had the misfortune of Friday classes;
  • I remember when I had a standing Friday lunch date with a group of co-workers when I had a crush on one of those co-workers;
  • I remember one particularly memorable Friday road trip to Las Vegas in college when we wouldn't allow ourselves to eat all day because we wanted to be hungry for the ALL YOU CAN EAT $5.99 buffet!!
  • I remember Friday night yoga classes;
  • I remember my early years in NYC when Friday nights meant exploring ethnic restaurants in the East Village and usually ending up at Black Star bar for pool and conversations;
  • I remember leaving work early to meet my niece for the first time on a Friday;
  • I think law school graduation was on a Friday;
  • I love the long, leisurely Friday lunches during the summer;
  • I remember Friday night packing up the car/truck/van to head out for weekend camping in the Uintas when I was a kid;
  • I remember floundering around for something fun to do in high school on Friday nights and waiting for the chain of phone calls to reach me and then the gathering of the friends as we drove from house to house collecting one another;
  • I love being content with Netflix and a bowl of popcorn on Friday nights;
  • I remember when Friday night meant staying out super late with friends (I just don't have the stamina anymore but I do love the memory);
  • I remember taking my first vacation day as a law clerk on a Friday and going camping in Bryce Canyon with new friends;
  • I love the slightly laid-back feel of Friday when the urgency of the week fades into the background and gets put up on the shelf to wait for Monday;
  • I remember the Friday when I realized I had turned into my dad while packing my car for a camping trip to Nevada in college (yes, Liz you were there! and so was the scary teeth boy **shudder**);
  • I remember several Friday night blind dates . . . all bad;
  • I remember fleeing Provo and the law school early on Friday afternoons to hang out with my friends or family during my last year of law school; and
  • I will remember TODAY because I just got free tickets to the Knicks game tonight!

What are your Friday memories?


Beck said...

Almost all of my high school Friday night memories were bad. Pooooor me.
My adult ones are fun, though.

tiff said...

I love this post, and I loved John's too. Fridays have always been such great days. I've always had a hankering for Thursdays, too.

I might have to steal this post idea. :)

emily said...

you know me... i can't remember last friday. how many of these fridays was i a part of?

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