Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday night

Tired so this is just a note to make sure I don't miss a day . . .

Went to Boston again this weekend.

I went for the blessing* of my niece.

Flew up Saturday morning and managed to fly in before a Nor'easter wreaked havoc on the coast.

Luck was on my side again by clearing up before my flight home. No delays.

Now I am home, on my couch, watching the Jazz beat the Lakers and warning myself not to get sucked into watching the second half because I need my sleep.

Plus I meet with my pilates trainer at 730 tomorrow.

And that is it for the most boring post of all time.

*in the LDS church the father will give the baby their name and a blessing to start their life. It is a very informal ceremony performed during Sunday services. I would analogize it to a christening but since I don't know a lot about christenings I can't.


michele said...

go jazz

Beck said...

The blessing ceremony does sound a bit like our church's Christening ceremony, although that's not so much of a naming ceremony and more of an introducing the baby to the church community thing.

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