Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm a junky

A couple of months ago itunes offered a couple of free episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and I downloaded them because . . . they were free! Oh, and it happened around the time I realized that itunes was no longer carrying "The Office" (curse you NBC and your greed!). I have season 3 of "The Office" on my ipod and although itunes does not keep track of viewings as it does listens to tunes, I would estimate I have watched each of those 23 episodes at least five times. And that is a low estimate. And while I can't say I am sick of them, I was looking for something fresh to mix it up and keep me entertained on cross-country flights. "How I Met Your Mother" lured me in with those free episodes so I bought season 1. I can't say I was hooked from the first episode. I slowly made my way through the episodes waiting at airports, on planes or on longer train rides. But sometime in the last couple of weeks I hit a point where all I wanted to do was get to the next episode.

So last Sunday when I was incapacitated by my headache (another one has settled in my eyes today - I blame department stores!), I plugged my ipod into my tv and finished season 1 and downloaded season 2. And now, I must confess I have already watched the 20-something episodes from season 2. Why? Because it is hilarious! Seriously, this show makes me laugh out loud! I can't explain how funny it is but this review does a great job of describing why I love it. Except it leaves out the part where I think Ted (the main guy) is kind of like Lloyd Dobler from "Say Anything". Sometimes I think he is trying to be John Cusack but it works with him. Oh, and if I had to choose one episode to recommend watch The Slap Bet one. Seriously. You will be hooked too.


Tiffany said...

I watched that show a lot during the first season and loved it. For some reason, my schedule seems to be funky now on Monday nights and I never get to see it. Sounds like it's time to download...all I need is a video iPod....

michele said...

never seen it, but based on your recommendation, i'll have to give it a tyy.

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