Monday, November 12, 2007

a few things I may not have mentioned

I went to a fancy women's networking event at the Nasdaq building in Times Square. Cool venue but there was very little food, it was cold and the speaker was booooooring and loooooong. A bad combination. But look how cool. When I was inside, I was right under the NASDAQ part.
I had every intention of going to yoga and getting myself back on track. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), I could not resist the email offering free tickets to the Knicks game. Even though I don't like the Knicks. And I was super fast on the email response and scored myself two tickets. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the ridiculous Knicks girls. Seriously, can you imagine still being on drill team or whatever as an ADULT?

This was our fantastic view. Too bad I didn't care about either of the teams. Although I was kind of glad the Knicks lost. I'm really hoping (and begging) to get these seats when the Jazz come to town in exactly two weeks. I bought the NBA total access thing so I'm watching the Jazz beat Sacramento right now. I need to see them when they come to town.


I went shopping. I thought I was safe since Thanksgiving hasn't even hit yet. I was wrong. Macy's was an absolute zoo! Luckily I was playing my "Sunshine in my Soul" playlist which makes me happy. Just don't let the title reference to a hymn fool you, you won't be hearing most of these songs in church:

Golden, Jill Scott;

Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall;

Crazy, Gnarls Barkley;

Soak up the Sun, Sheryl Crow;

Lady, Lenny Kravitz;

Rock With You, Michael Jackson;

September, Sisqo and Vitamin C;

Beautiful Day, U2;

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter, Pearl Jam; and

Martyr, Rusted Root,

to name just a few of the 57 non-stop sunshine tunes. Armed with my music, and the confidence that comes from finally, finally figuring out how to tuck my jeans into my tall boots without my jeans getting all bunched up around my knees (this was honestly a weekend highlight!), I beelined through the crowds and maintained my cool on the older than dirt wooden escalator leading to the 6th floor linens. A calm and soothing place full of happy Martha Stewart colors. I'll tell you more about my purchases in another post.

Happy that I was able to find exactly what I came for and for a good price at that, I felt confident and brave; so I wandered down to the shoe department hoping to find new boots for the winter or possibly recommend something to Emily (have you found boots you like yet?). I only needed one glance at this chaotic scene to realize I needed to FLEE! And flee I did (you can tell I am fleeing from the blurriness of this photo which was taken quickly from my cell phone as I ran toward the escalators).

Other than my secret project that caused the whole Macy's extravaganza, Saturday ended simply with Stake Conference (again, too long - over two hours of church on a Saturday night!) and dinner at an Indian restaurant as a small nod to Duwali.

ended well. Earlier this afternoon I received an email that I had a package waiting at the front desk (yes, I am spoiled by my high-tech building). And much to my delight, when I arrived home around 9 pm, I discovered my vacuum was already here! I ordered it SATURDAY! Way to go!! Isn't it beautiful?

It is super fancy but simple to assemble, just kind of stubborn in not wanting to come out of the box. I couldn't resist and did a quick swipe of my living room rug. That I vacuumed on Saturday. And I'm not sure whether I should be happy with all that dirt and dust and grime that has already collected in there or horrified that I have only been pretending to vacuum until now.



emily said...

no boots yet, i haven't made it to the nine west store. i will text photos when i do.

tiffany said...

How fun to virtually travel with you for the weekend. And I know what you mean about using a new vacuum for the first time---part WOW/part ICK!

autumn said...

How hilarious! I completely know how you feel about your vacuum. I just got a new one and find myself both happy and horrified all at once. I have never figured out the boot thing. That is something to be proud of.

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