Friday, November 16, 2007

employment history

Just call this list week here at 10019 musings!*
  1. receptionist and sometimes egg candler for rush walk-in orders, Salt Lake Egg
  2. Cinnabon (the first one in Utah!)
  3. temp (I did odd jobs like folding and sorting sweatshirts at the BUM Equipment warehouse and shrink wrapping stuff)
  4. graveyard shift data entry job with weird guys who danced to techno music on their breaks
  5. telemarketing - no memory of what I was selling
  6. Gates Rubber Company (this wins the longevity award - 3 summers, 2 Christmas breaks and maybe a spring break too)
  7. babysitter
  8. stenographer for insurance adjuster
  9. receptionist/secretary/legal assistant at law firm
  10. secretary at another law firm
  11. umm, another secretary/legal assistant job
  12. and yet another one
  13. oh and there was the time I was the secretary for the current lame duck mayor of Salt Lake, but before he was mayor
  14. so what did I do after I quit? yes, secretary/legal assistant for another law firm
  15. then I worked for free as a legal extern for the LDS church in Sydney, Australia
  16. then I had to go back to legal secretary temp work to make up for the free work I gave away that summer (swallowed my pride for a paycheck)
  17. research assistant to a law professor
  18. lawyer for Wall Street firm
  19. law clerk to a bankruptcy judge
  20. currently, lawyer for law firm in mid-town Manhattan
*there was a post with paragraphs and lots of words but it was far too much of an emotional dump so it doesn't get to be posted tonight - too volatile.


tiff said...

Wow! And I thought my little brother has had a lot of jobs.

My list would scare you--it is very short.

mickey said...

I would have to agree with Tiff. What a list. By the way I love reading your lists.

mickey said...

I would have to agree with Tiff. What a list. By the way I love reading your lists.

michele said...

don't you still work for cinnabon?

autumn said...

If I could count the times I had to swallow my pride for a paycheck...

But hey, I was at least able to buy food! That's always a plus.

Soul-Fusion said...

why yes Michele, I do still work at Cinnabon and I have the apron to prove it!

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