Wednesday, November 14, 2007

don't get me started

  • I walked to work without my ipod and felt naked the whole way because
  • I stupidly agreed to allow itunes to update my software on my ipod when I plugged it in last night and it WIPED IT CLEAN!!
  • I tried everything to reload my music, videos and photos to no avail
  • my client was sued and responded with an email that reads "I can't f**ing believe this!"
  • another client pushed his procrastination project onto my plate when I vividly remembering him volunteering to meet Friday's deadline on his own.
  • I found out there is a very good chance I will have a major filing deadline (in yet another case!) of December 27th with a hearing on January 3rd. Please pray my Christmas is not ruined.
  • was the second day I spent several hours locked in a cold room with a chatterbox co-worker leafing through boxes and boxes of papers
  • today I didn't mind the chatterbox as much because it was at least more interesting than the papers I was reviewing
  • I had to order dinner at my desk
  • I saw Celine Dion on the Today Show this morning so I have one of her ridiculous songs stuck in my head but I can't get it out because MY IPOD IS BROKEN!

on a better note, I decided to order gnocchi because it is creamy and delicious. oh, and I got a new fancy blackberry so it wasn't all bad. hopefully I can get home to see Project Runway and the Jazz game................... yes, tv and food are my positives.


alison said...

hope your evening is very relaxing.

Ma said...

At least the Jazz won even though I understand you also didn't get home in time to see any of the game.

Hope tomorrow's a better day.

michele said...

i had ipod issues once when updating software too. i had to reset the ipod, and it has worked ok since then. you would think that apple would figure stuff like that out. so frustrating. sorry.

lizzie said...

you can come to colorado for christmas...

Beck said...

Celine Dion is the Queen of the Horrifying Earworm.

Annie said...

I would've ordered gnocchi too! It can make anyone feel better! I'll pray for you!!!

autumn said...

TV is my postive as well. If I can just make it to eight o'clock...I can watch TV.

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