Wednesday, November 28, 2007

dessert, sex, Nascar and a birthday party

  • I sent out the evite for my dessert party last night and I already have 39 people who have agreed to come with one maybe, I guess it is time to start planning the party details - like what desserts to make!
  • the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony is taking place a couple of blocks from my office soon - I think there will be a few hundred thousand people too many there for my tastes so I will do what I can to leave without overlapping with that crowd
  • there was also some Nascar race through Manhattan this morning that caused all kinds of road closures and traffic snarls - whose bright idea was it to do that in the middle of the week?
  • I caught a portion of an interview on the Today show this morning entitled "Should Teens Abstain from Sex?" Seriously? You are questioning whether it is wise or smart or healthy or whatever to make this decision? This highly personal decision? Meredith was completely baffled by the concept to the point she did not seem to believe it. She interviewed three people - I missed the intro so I don't know who they were other than an adult married woman, a presumably teenage black girl and a teenage boy (although either of them could be as old as 21 or 22, I really couldn't tell). Meredith kept challenging this girl about her choice and the girl kept coming back to not wanting to get pregnant and not wanting to catch any STDs or other diseases and Meredith didn't seem to believe those were good enough answers. I loved when she asked the boy why he chose to do this and he dryly responded by saying something to the effect that he was looking for some way to be ridiculed endlessly by his peers. After Meredith kept spouting off "failure" statistics from abstinence only school programs (a different concept entirely in my opinion - forced abstinence versus making the choice!) this boy maturely and simply stated that it has to be something you believe in for it to work. He is so right - no one else can make that extraordinarily private and personal decision for you, nor should anyone else make that decision for you. Oh, I also enjoyed the look of disbelief on Meredith's face after the married woman told her she dated her husband for 6 years (4 long distance) and he agreed to abstain until marriage. It was like she just didn't understand the entire concept, even after the woman explained that making a decision to wait until marriage helps a couple focus on creating a "best friendship". I liked that. During the portion of the interview I saw (or heard from the bathroom while I was getting ready for work), religion was not mentioned.
  • sometimes I don't realize how odd my lifestyle is to others until I watch a program like that
  • I haven't had any questions about this issue in a long time but I do have some friends who think I should write a book someday called No Sex In The City which reveals their fascination with my abstinence decision. What a thrilling novel that would be . . . "after our third date with no physical contact whatsoever, he gave me a high five at the door and I swooned." Oh, wait, I think I've written that post right here on this blog - except it was a hug not a high five. I just haven't been on a date in a long time so the only abstinence questions I face relate to chocolate - to indulge or refrain? And as you all know - I am a bit of a chocolate slut!
  • on a very different note: none of my family members are in the same state today, we are fanning out across the country: California, Utah, Idaho, Maryland, New York and Massachusetts.
  • my sister gets the best weather in California
  • my grandma had her hip replaced today - third surgery in about a month - which is why my dad is in Idaho
  • and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brooke!!! She is having her birthday party tonight at a place called Cake Shop that presumably has cake and a couple of live bands! How fun is that? And appropriate if you know Brooke.


emily said...

crap. i liked meredith sooo much better than the orange-tinged what's her face. what the crap is her name? the one on the today show before her.

orangey orange face....

Annie said...

Good luck to your Grandma! As for the Today show...I don't know where to start! And a dessert party sounds amazing!! Have fun.

tiff said...

Write the book, you chocolate slut. (That made me laugh so hard!) I see bestseller written all over it!

autumn said...

I too think you should write the book. It would be hilarious. I also think it would sell. I wish I was close enough to come to the dessert party.

Beck said...

Cake Shop! I want to go to Cake Shop! And I want to work near the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony! Your life is amazing.

critts said...

First of all, you're hilarious! I love reading your posts because they crack me up. Second of all, the Today Show thing really bothers me and I'm very disappointed by Meredith's closemindedness.

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