Monday, November 19, 2007

Bigger Words

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Thank you Emily for thinking I would be PhD level but apparently my writing isn't as elevated as I would like. So yes, I am disappointed in being only at high school level. Especially since just last week I was briefly addicted to this game and I hit vocab level 40 with ease (I just CANNOT move beyond 41!). And I know and love words like: bloviate, expound, insuperable, wizened, aberrant, querulous, fortissimo, inordinate and astringent to name a few. Maybe listing big words I know will move me beyond high school level.


Soul-Fusion said...

nope. Even with all those words, I'm still only at High School level.

michele said...

mine would probably be at the elementary school level.

mickey said...

i'm with michele. i can't even pronounce some of those words, let alone know what they mean. way to achieve hs level. :)

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