Tuesday, November 27, 2007

7 Habit Tuesday: The Sought After

I have often said that I am only capable of maintaining a finite number of good habits. As you now know, that number of good habits is 7 (and that was a stretch!). Anytime I try to rotate one of the below 7 sought after habits into the mix, something will drop off and I am still only at 7 good habits. These are some of my toughest sought after 7 that occasionally make it onto the good list but generally lounge around here in the sought after category:
  1. Cardio Workout: treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, stair climbers - I hate them all! I try pumping myself up with music, or entertaining myself with the television. I have even tried reading magazines or books but ultimately I get BORED and it is so hard to force myself to get to and stay on any type of cardio machine for 30 minutes.
  2. Daily Prayer: I try, really I do but this is just hard for me for a variety of reasons. I have my good streaks but then I start counting the conversations I have in my head because I rationalize that God can hear my thoughts so he gets it . . . looks like this is a life long challenge.
  3. Scripture Study: I have had times in my life when I managed to read my scriptures or a church book or magazine every day and I really believe it enriched my life. Specifically, when I was studying for the bar exam I incorporated scripture study into my study routine and I have never felt such comfort and peace going into an extremely stressful test. I knew I would pass because I was praying and studying and it was such a comfort but that lesson is so easily forgotten when I'm not working toward such a precise goal.
  4. Healthy Eating: yes, this one was also on my "Good" list but I put it here because it is such a broad category. I make a genuine effort most of the time to eat good and healthy foods but I also have such a weakness for rich fatty sweets that keeping everything in balance is a constant struggle.
  5. Christmas Shopping: I'm terrible. Boo on all of you over-achievers out there flaunting your "I'm all done!" smugness . . . I have not bought a single gift and there is little to no chance that I will finish my shopping before Christmas Eve. It has happened a couple of times but it is rare. I am too much like my dad at keeping secrets. If I bought gifts early I might burst from the excitement and blurt out what I bought for the person. It isn't even December yet so for the sake of surprises I am not allowed to shop until the 20th. No seriously, this really is a sought after habit. I wish I was organized and disciplined enough to do this earlier.
  6. Yoga: This one used to be in the good cycle but not so these days. It is a definite aspiration.
  7. Thank You Notes/Thinking of You Notes: I would love to be that person who manages to send sweet thoughtful notes in a timely manner. I think about it but my timing is always off (in the shower, going to bed, walking to work) or fear of the post office and my terrible handwriting usually leave this as a good intentions idea.

So what habits do you aspire to work into your top 7?


alison said...

i said " i am almost done christmas shopping." until this year, i have been the total last-minute shopper or i change my mind and i am the last-minute returner and shopper. we'll get you there one day. and about amazon, i was trying to do the super-saver shipping, so you will probably be fine if you pay the shipping charges.

tiffany said...

Wow! I share just about every sought-after habit on your list. No wonder we get along...

P.S. I'm hoping to help you reach Christmas Shopping Smugness while I'm visiting!

Soul-Fusion said...

Alison - the smug comment was a) entirely sarcastic and dripping with jealousy and b) not directed at you, more toward a couple of people who were rather smug about their entirely too organized lives. But still, I am a little bit happy that you aren't entirely finished.
Tiff - I think next weekend will be all about Christmas Shopping Smugness!

michele said...

i too share all of your desired habits. and i haven't started christmas shopping yet either. shopping before december is for suckers. that's what i think until i try to go out shopping in the madness that is everywhere from the day after thanksgiving until christmas eve.

p.s. what's with the word verification stuff? i seem to always mess up and have to try (this is my 3rd if it works) so many times to post a comment.

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