Tuesday, November 13, 2007

7 Habit Tuesday: The Bad

  1. I eat popcorn 3 to 4 nights a week. With M&Ms.
  2. I stay up way too late, every night. Usually for no reason whatsoever.
  3. I snooze . . . a lot. That snoozing leads to skipping the gym nearly every morning, unless I'm actually meeting my trainer.
  4. TV. I watch far too much. I get home late from work and I plop on my couch and watch tv because I'm too lazy to read. Or organize. Or whatever else I should be doing. I hate this one but feel powerless to change it somehow.
  5. I think chocolate should be consumed daily. Oh, wait, that isn't the bad habit. Eating chocolate basically every day is.
  6. Laundry - I'm terrible at this. I wait until there is absolutely no way I can possibly dress myself the next day and usually end up staying up late walking to and from the laundry room down the hall mad at myself for letting it get to this point of desperation once again.
  7. I avoid social situations. I think this bad habit needs to turn into some sort of resolution for 2008 because it is contributing to my delinquency in at least two of the above-listed areas (I'm looking at you numbers 1 and 4 and probably you too number 5).

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