Tuesday, November 20, 2007

7 Habit Tuesday: The Avoided

Sometimes my best habits are those I manage to avoid falling into. Here are seven I have successfully avoided:
  1. Office Candy Jar: right outside the women's restroom on my floor is a shelf with a never-ending jar of candy, a giant bin of pretzels and randomly tins of cookies, boxes of chocolates and bags of animal crackers. I drink a lot of water so I walk past this hodge-podge of sweet and salty temptations several times a day. It was so easy to lose track of how many times I dipped my hand in the jar for a tootsie roll that I decided it had to stop. So this year one of my co-workers and I made a resolution (yes, an actual New Year's resolution) to stop taking food from that area. In order to help us accomplish the task we determined that once a month we could each take one candy. Here it is November and we have stuck with the program.
  2. Alcohol/Coffee/Smoking: I can't say this is particularly praise worthy since I have never actually tried any of these items but I am proud of myself for getting through my teenage years and college without getting addicted to any of these things. Smoking is just blech so that was never a temptation but I had my moments when alcohol or coffee held some appeal.
  3. Nail biting: I have never done it - but again, not much of a temptation so no real glory in avoiding this.
  4. Pizza: There is this pizza shop one block from my apartment that smells SO good. Their doors are almost always wide open - even when the weather cools off - and the tempting aroma of freshly baked pizza wafts out and on occasion the steamy whisp does that cartoon thing where it forms into a hand and slyly beckons me to come in with the undulating bending and flexing of the index finger. But I hurry on past because I just know once I try the pizza it could turn into a frequent dinner habit.
  5. Leaving Excess Lights On: My parents trained me well and I am a compulsive light-turner-offer. In high school I remember one friend hating this habit because I would turn off my bedroom and hall light before walking around the corner and down the hallway to the stairs. She always thought I was abandoning her in the dark. With the energy conservation push these days, I am happy to report I avoid the habit of using an excessive amount of lights.
  6. Cleaning the Bathroom: (I never said these were all good avoidances!) I hate cleaning the bathroom and I really avoid it as long as possible. This should be in the bad habit category.
  7. Excessive Shopping: Living in New York, surrounded by consumerism it is very easy to fall into the retail trap. Sometimes I fall in, sometimes I dive in but mostly I manage to avoid it altogether, even when I vow to take the leap to upgrade or replace worn items. Sure, my shopping habits have increased significantly from where they were about 10 years ago but I still cannot justify upgrading to purchase labels and logos (and mostly I have no desire to do so).


tiff said...

Great list! I have loved this series!

Beck said...

Oh, you should come help me out now. I stink at items 1 through 5. I'm okay at cleaning the bathroom, though - and I avoid shopping by living in a town with no stores.

autumn said...

I would be a total coffee drinker if I didn't believe I shouldn't. Also, I love to clean. We could do a swap. I would clean your bathroom and you bring me some of that delicious pizza.

michele said...

hey i avoid cleaning the bathroom too!

mickey said...

I am really greatful Bob has been helping me out with the bathroom cleaning as of lately. Trying to clean the toliet with the little one in front of me is hard.

I am so proud of your goal to stay away from the candy/goodie aisle and the pizza shop. I bet your healthly choices make all the difference in how you feel.

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