Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ten Things I Love About My Kitchen

(this stolen post idea inspired by Beck)

1. My countertops. Made of something called Zodiaq which is supposed to be impervious which makes them especially hygienic. I like that they are pretty and easy to clean (just don't look at the photo too closely because apparently I should have wiped up some crumbs before snapping this one) and that relatively speaking (I am in a NYC apartment after all) I have a significant amount of countertop space to work with/on.2. My dishtowels . I love orange and yellow - they are such bright and happy colors but I turn a horrible greenish -yellow if I try to wear yellow and orange is even worse. So I accent my kitchen with these colors instead.3. Neat and organized drawers. Seriously, this makes me happy. I love dividers and drawer liners!
4. Sunflower photos. My sister took these photos, framed them and sent them to me for my birthday several years ago. They inspired the yellow and orange kitchen motif. So refreshing and happy. 5. My cookie jar, that always has treats - usually m&ms. But oddly enough, never cookies (they dry out in there). This may be my brother's favorite part of my kitchen. He loves that I always have a hidden treat.
6. Pass through window. Apartment kitchens are rough - they are small and compact, I love that this one has a window through which I can watch tv while I cook, interact with guests or just be able to look out the living room window and get natural light.7. Large, deep cupboards large enough to store all my favorite baking ingredients. It is more organized than it looks in the photo.
8. Filtered water from the tap. No need for a Brita - I always forgot to change the filters on those anyway - just fresh, clean, tasty water.9. Easy to clean tile floors with a bright orange striped rug.
10. And last, but certainly not least, baking in it! Sadly, this apple pie was made last Thanksgiving (at my parent's house) but locating this photo has certainly given me a craving for a freshly baked apple pie. Especially since the farmer's market is overloaded with fresh off the tree, newly picked apples begging to be baked!
Now it's your turn. What are ten things you love about your kitchen?


Beck said...

Ack! Your apartment has more counterspace and cupboards than my HOUSE!
You have a great kitchen - it's really pretty.

tiffany said...

You do have a great kitchen, and I love that you've incorporated colors you love but can't wear in there. SUCH a good idea!

I can't wait to play this one! Thanks for a good idea that I plan to steal, although my drawers will give you an anxiety attack.

autumn said...

I want to know what your favorite baking ingredients are. Come Saturday, I will hopefully be using my new kitchen. It does have filtered water at my sink, for which I am thrilled!

tiff said...

P.S. The picture of that pie is KILLING me. I swear I gained five pounds looking at it. Mmmm.

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