Monday, October 01, 2007

Stealing from Tiffany because she always has good post ideas

Tiff did a fantastic starter list for "Things I Would Tell My Twenty-Year-Old Self If I Could", my list would include several of hers (and apparently my 30+ self needs to learn some of her advice still) and would also include:
  • don't let anyone talk you into scrapbooking, you know you are bad at it. Stick with that instinct. In the end you will regret having a bunch of cut up photos and stickers cluttering a page and wish you had photos suitable for scanning into the computer (yes, we can do that now and it actually looks fantastic!).
  • a bit specific to me at 20 but . . . DON'T GET MARRIED! Not yet anyway, and not to him. Just wait.
  • don't listen to your arrogant creative writing professor, you can write. And it does have meaning. Don't quit.
  • don't stop playing the piano, you will regret it.
  • learn to FLIRT, you don't always have to be "one of the boys"
  • Listen to Emily's brother when he asks "isn't it time Alyssa got a haircut?" and cut your hair! Seriously. Below your belt is just TOO LONG! Even if some random boy at that dance place up Cedar Canyon called it "kick ass". It isn't. It is just to your ass.
  • have some confidence
  • wear some makeup - a little bit can go a long way
  • try wearing clothes that fit instead of clothes that will fit once you gain 20 pounds.
  • appreciate the moment and don't worry about falling behind
  • keep rock climbing
  • learn to snowboard before you are 25, I think it will be easier to learn and you will love it
  • study abroad is not out of reach, go for it
  • join the marching band with your brother when you transfer to the U so you won't be jealous of all the fun experiences he has

I'm sure there are more but this list feels revealing enough.


tiff said...

LOVE your list! Especially the haircut and the scrapbooking. Fantastic!

lizzie said...

love it...brings back memories even for me.

autumn said...

hilarious! I love the scrapbooking one. I've completely given up on it and keep all my photos on the computer. I also like the hair one. It was that long? Wow.

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