Thursday, October 18, 2007


If you are afraid of snakes, do not read this. I'm now afraid of my own bathroom. At least I don't live in Brooklyn. But they could at least explain HOW. THIS. HAPPENED! And possibly try reassuring people that GIANT pythons don't roam the City's sewer lines just waiting for the day they can slither up the pipes into a bathroom near you. {shudder}


Beck said...

Strangely enough, I'm less afraid of snakes than I am of mice.
(Not that I'm enthusiastic about snakes, mind.)

lizzie said...

that story was on regis and kelly and i thought of you! just make sure you take a peek into the toilet before sitting down!

Soul-Fusion said...

For the record, in the abstract I don't have any issue with snakes. I've seen rattle snakes in the desert and just steered clear and I think I held some sort of large snake (maybe a python) in junior high and I would hold a snake again under proper supervision. BUT a surprise visit from one via my TOILET? One that might slither out onto my floor, across the hall and into my bed with all the sewage water dragged along with it? Possibly to squeeze me to death in my sleep? No. Thank. You. That would completely freak me out.

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