Monday, October 08, 2007

not everyone loves a parade

On holidays that the City of New York deems worthy of a parade but my firm deems just-another-work-day, I get the pleasure of being trapped in my office working away while a parade literally makes its way down the street 18 floors below my window. The festivities were kicked off with a marching band around 11 am and two and half hours later, they are still going strong. If my memory serves me correctly, the Columbus Day Parade does not usually last as long as the much-dreaded St. Patrick's Day parade in March which starts around 10 am and can last until well after 4 pm! Does that mean the Irish (New Yorkers) are the bigger partiers or parade-goers than the Italian (New Yorkers)? I think weather may be a factor. Or I should say, I fear weather may be a factor. Last year it was cold and rainy for the parade. But this year, in our annoyingly dragged out summer it is over 80 degrees outside and the humidity refuses to leave. Hopefully that does not result in a 5+ hour parade. I can only take so many drumlines in one day - especially when I'm not sitting at a college football game, which is where marching bands rightfully belong.

Which reminds me. Friday night I managed to make it to Boston (more on that exciting trip later) in time to watch the second half of the Ute game with my brother. I have to say I really miss going to Ute games and/or having someone to watch the games with or simply having them available to watch on tv regularly. Surprisingly, the Utes had a considerable lead going into the third quarter against Louisville. Of course, as soon as I managed to settle down in front of the tv on my brother's couch (his wife and baby were still in the hospital at that point so we weren't neglecting them, visiting hours were over), the Utes looked terrible and started giving up points all over the place. When I responded to a text from our other brother who was watching the game as well that I must be bad luck he texted back "Stop Watching!" Luckily, I did not stop watching and the Utes pulled off another amazing win. They seem to enjoy losing to bad teams and beating nationally ranked favorites (UCLA as well). Go Utes!


lizzie said...

shawn made the same observation about them beating nationally ranked teams but losing to the others. huh.

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