Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Discovery

If someone gave me chocolates from here, I might have to marry them. I'm not kidding.

I stumbled into Vosges Haut-Chocolate boutique (as they call it) Saturday in SoHo because the front looked intriguing - the sign said something about chocolate and cheese, everything was purple (one of my favorite colors) and there was a beautiful chandelier hanging over the table in the entry. After entering I completely forgot about the cheese and was mesmerized by the subtle aroma of chocolate in the air. The truffles in the glass cased counter were numerous and overwhelming without some sort of key so I opted for the Aztec hot chocolate because I was cold. But I will confess I took more than one piece of this sampler bar from the counter which was heavenly. Honestly, putting salt in the chocolate! Divine! The hot chocolate was amazing too - thick and rich made of a darker cocoa with spicy chili peppers to give it some zing. Sooooooo good. I tried to force myself to take small sips but I think I only walked a couple of blocks before it was gone.

Come to New York and I will gladly be your escort through this chocolate experience. No plans to visit anytime soon? They are also in Chicago and Las Vegas. Pricey but worth the splurge!


Beck said...

And we just made gluten-free chocolate brownies. It is a VERY chocolatey sort of day.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled into a similar situation one day on the way to Tooele. Its kinda a national boutique more geared toward folks that don't take daily walks in SoHo. You generally don't want to walk to these places. You really need to park as close to the entrance as posssible in a well-lighted area. This particular boutique is refered to in local parlance as the 7-11 in MagNuh. I quickly forgot the cheese after I saw velveta printed on the wrapper. I was not mesmerized by the not-to-suttle aroma of the Once-a-month cleaned restroom. There was, however some purple grafitti on the restroom door. I also opted for the hot chocolate but IT turned out to be anything but. I checked out the sampler bar(cut up stale do-nut sitting next to the bic lighters at the check-out counter)and thought better of it. Sampling at the Sev is done a little differently. You wait till the clerk has his back turned and try to position youself away from the security cameras. Usually there is a dead sport near the imitation chocolate-dippped pork rinds. This chocolate treat was also amazing. I limited myself to two sample bags. It gets really tasty at the bottom of the sack when the imitation chocolate melts and mingles and creates a heavenly amalgam with the pork grease. I tried to force mysely to take small bites but alas they were both bags were gone by the time I Drove past the sewer treatment plant.

If you can't make it to New York, There is always MagNuh.

emily said...

get out of my facial. (check my latest not on purpose copy blog)

tiffany said...

Let's add this to our itinerary when I come to visit. Twice. Mmmmm.

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