Friday, October 19, 2007

hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Okay, so I didn't exactly expect the best - but I did hope for it. I did not bill a single hour the entire time I was at work today because I was consumed by banquet preparations and stresses. We cut the tables down to 12 and scrambled to fill them. We filled all but 3 seats.
I don't know what the final numbers ended up being but the venue worked well despite my panic when I arrived at 5 to see another conference just finishing up (our reception started at 6 and dinner was at 7), the seats were filled (with only some scrambling and shifting of people), the centerpieces were simple and elegant (despite the last minute text I received that we received the wrong vases), the programs were beautifully printed (again, despite a panicked text that Kinkos had a) lost our order and then b) printed the pages in the wrong order - who could tell what the proper order was supposed to be?), the food was good and dessert was even better (hello chocolate ganache hazelnut cake - yum!) and the president of the association even remembered to thank my co-chair and I for "making him look good" as he put it. People chuckled but they don't know how true that statement was. And we had this all fall together despite the rain and unseasonable humidity that flattened and greased up my hair.
Our silent auction was a success as well. The Mormon Artists Group organized it this year and had a beautiful display with some beautiful items. Their display was professional and visually pleasing. And I know the auction was a success because I bid on (and won) two items. Including this framed photograph of the Manhattan LDS temple (please ignore the tilt - it is straight on my wall, this was the angle I had to take the photo so you didn't see the reflection of me in my comfy oversized tee). Unfortunately my snapshot loses the blurring, rushing yellow cabs on the street below. Auction item number two is a birthday present for my Dad . . . can't reveal just in case he's reading.

Now I need to relax, wind down for the night and get to bed so I can get in the car I have picking me up at 6:15 am that will take me to the airport to board a plane that will take me to Boston to see my sweet little niece and my mother. Last night I had a stress dream that I slept in and missed my flight. Then when I woke up at 730 am I saw the time and flew out of bed in a panic only to realize, phone in hand trying to figure out how to call the airline that it was only Friday and my flight wasn't until Saturday. Apparently I really wanted to skip today. Luckily for me, it turned out much, much better than anticipated.


tiff said...

I'm so glad it went better than expected. Your picture is great!

michele said...

love the picture

Beck said...

It sounds like it went really well and I'm glad. Beautiful picture.

lizzie said...

the picture is really beautiful. i am glad to hear that all went well.

autumn said...

Now I have fast Internet I can hear your music on youru blog. I love it. I also love the book section. Very cool.

autumn said...

I am such a dork. I think the music is coming from somewhere else, please don't ask me where. Seriously.

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