Wednesday, October 24, 2007

another random day

  • on my walk to work this morning Thriller popped up on my ipod (okay, it didn't pop up, it is in my Halloween playlist I made) and I was transported back to my 9-year old self standing in front of my great aunt and uncle's tv with my brother trying to replicate the dance moves as we kept asking our older cousin to play it again and again (we didn't have a vcr or mtv so this was a memorable treat) . . . then to us begging my mom to play the record on the record player we weren't allowed to touch because it was (is?) my dad's prize possession so we could continue practicing our dance moves - my brother was good at the high leg wiggle thing (not sure how else to describe it) and I was good at jumping around too much and making the record skip. All of which reminded me of the stickers I bought in a machine at the entrance to the Smith's grocery store which I lovingly placed on the front of my rainbow trapper-keeper. I thought I might be able to find a picture of my favorite sticker where he is dressed in all yellow but sadly couldn't find it. So sad he turned into a nut job.
  • last night at a work cocktail party a partner for whom I do not work chose to tell me and another person (who does not work here but whom I believe she knows personally) about the time a few weeks ago when she was "so drunk and stoned" . . . ummm, okay. Call me naive but honestly this shocked me. Shocked me. Stoned? Really? I think she felt comfortable sharing this with me since she knows I went to Bonnaroo last year and she once told me she goes every year. How can I ever take this woman seriously again?
  • speaking of the cocktail party - which was duller than dull - there was good food but none of it was conducive to eating while standing. The hors d'oeuvres weren't bad - mostly meat stuck with toothpicks but then they were offering trays with big soup spoons full of risotto. Did they expect me to stick that whole thing in my mouth at once? How do you eat that delicately and gracefully? And then what do you do with the spoon? I didn't know many people so I got a plate and sat at a table in the corner to eat. I was about to leave when I saw an amazing dessert option - three pretty desserts on a plate including a small wedge of cheesecake, some sort of chocolate cream pie with a strawberry in the middle of cream stuff. I decided I could eat this standing as I said goodbye to a couple of people. Bad choice. For some reason I had a spoon instead of a fork and could not stab the strawberry. When I tried to pick it up it made a run for it by sliding off my plate, down my arm, onto my jacket and to the ground, trailing cream all the way. The only positive (sort-of) to this story is oen of the people I was talking to at the time is a friend and she simply kicked the strawberry aside and went on talking. The not so positive part is that I feel I am always clumsy around this friend who is probably the most conscientious person I know about fashion and always looks well put together so I end up feeling frumpy and sloppy in contrast. The strawberry incident does not help.
  • Also, when I first arrived a waiter offered me white wine or red wine and when I asked for sparkling water (a common alternative) he claimed they didn't have any. I asked him what they have that is non-alcoholic and he offered me beer. Umm, no, something that does not contain alcohol. I tried to just move away but another waiter appeared and I asked if I could just go directly to the bar to order and they told me there was no bar. Finally I managed to find out that they do indeed have juices and sodas and ordered a diet coke. Later I discovered they also had a bar. What in the world?
  • While promising my sister I was mailing her something today I explained that I would go to the post-office mobile that parks on the street outside my office at lunch. I almost explained it is like the bookmobile but refrained knowing what her response to that would be. But she latched onto the analogy herself and immediately began teasing me about the bookmobile.
  • As a 10-year old I loved the bookmobile. I thought it was the greatest invention ever. It would come once a month or possibly bi-weekly and I would trek up the street to exchange my completed reading materials for new books. I have a vivid picture in my mind of walking up the steps into the bookmobile and browsing the shelves. The picture includes me walking home with my walkman blaring in my ears DuranDuran's Hungry Like the Wolf. I still remember the crisp fall air, the cool gray sky and my cold hands and nose as I sang along walking down Quail Hollow Drive with my new stack of books. My sister wrote that "I saw a really nerdy little girl about the same age walking out of the South Jordan library one day with an armful of books and a look of pure joy on her face. She made me think of you."
  • I love Halloween but I have no plans to dress up. No parties to go to. No one to bake cupcakes for.
  • On Sunday I ran into someone I used to work with in Salt Lake at the airport in Boston. My mom is convinced I run into people all the time.
  • She is kind of right. I once ran into a girl I went to law school with in the train station in Amsterdam.
  • Plus I run into people in New York all the time.
  • Last week a movie was being filmed on 7th Avenue near Carnegie Deli. I stopped to check it out a couple of times but never saw anyone I recognized - just a guy dressed as a homeless looking Santa Clause. I found out the name of the movie is Fighting and Terrence Howard and Channing Tatum are in it.
  • Confession: I had a brief crush on Channing Tatum after watching Step Up.
  • Seeing another movie being filmed reminded me that last year everywhere I went for weeks I kept running into the film crew for I am Legend - mostly on the street where I live but also near my office and in Columbus Circle. One Sunday morning I was walking home from church and there weren't many people out and I rounded the corner to walk the last block from 10th to 11th avenue and wondered why all the cars were covered in dust and were all banged up. Then I noticed that I was basically the only person on the entire street and there weren't any cars driving - just the dusty parked cars. At the end of the block a guy with a clipboard and headset was telling people they needed to walk around the block and seemed surprised to see me arrive at the corner. I guess I snuck in somehow. After that I saw the dusty cars (buses and taxis) and film crew everywhere. I even saw Will Smith one Saturday morning as I was walking cross-town to go to Bloomingdale's. The movie is supposed to come out in December. It doesn't really appeal to me other than where it was filmed.
  • I want to re-decorate my bathroom. Any fun ideas? I've had the same spring green rug, white shower curtain with embroidered green pine needles on it for over six years and I'm tired of it.
  • I seem to have a weird weight issue - I keep gaining weight even though I'm eating less. Seriously, this is frustrating becasue my pants are all getting too tight.
  • I really need to get back to work and not keep coming up with random, boring stuff to list.
  • I liked this article in the Times today about the Colorado Rockies. I'm rooting for them in the World Series that kicks off tonight. And not just because of this article, it was just nice to know.
  • One last diversion, this is my Halloween playlist:

Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

People are Strange, The Doors

Friend of the Devil, Grateful Dead

Witchy Woman, Eagles

Superstition, Stevie Wonder

Black Magic Woman, Santana

Spooky, The Classics IV

Frankenstein, Edgar Winter

Thriller, Michael Jackson

Dead Man's Party, Oingo Boingo

Another One Bites the Dust, Queen

Hell's Bell's, AC/DC

Witch Hunt, Rush

Halloween, Dave Matthews Band

Scarecrow, Beck

Toccata and Fuge in D Minor, Bach (you'll recognize this as very Halloween if you heard it)

In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg

A Night on Bald Mountain


michele said...

we used to put "a night on bald mountain" on the record player and make blair stand in front of the fireplace and do the boogeyman dance.

lizzie said...

thanks for the article about the rockies. i didn't get tickets and i am so sad. oh well.

Beck said...

Some weeks are just kind of bad and messy. You'll have someone to bake cupcakes for sooner than you think, a swell gal like you.

tiff said...

I love your childhood memories. We should have been friends.

The kids and I have been rocking to your Halloween playlist, and Thriller in particular. What a great playlist! We need to share CDs at every turn of the season. FER SHER!

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