Wednesday, October 24, 2007

100 things I would like to accomplish in this lifetime

(please note, these are not necessarily in order of priority)
  1. get married
  2. experience pregnancy and child birth
  3. watch the sun rise over the ruins at Machu Picchu
  4. climb Mount Kilamanjaro
  5. be recognized for something I wasn't expecting would be noticed
  6. experience an African safari
  7. learn and memorize a piano concerto - either Rachmaninoff or Chopin, or perhaps Brahms
  8. learn how to play the organ
  9. live in a place I own (I now own a house so I can't use that one but I would like to live in a place I own)
  10. take my parents to an all-inclusive tropical resort
  11. learn to speak Spanish
  12. visit Finland to discover where my ancestors and last name came from
  13. have someone call me mommy
  14. become a certified yoga instructor
  15. go to the World Series
  16. write a memoir
  17. have my blog comments reach double-digits
  18. perhaps on a regular basis
  19. fly over over Manhattan in a helicopter
  20. hike (or ride a mule) to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  21. have a picnic on the Great Wall of China
  22. win (or perhaps just enter) a baking contest (any baking contest, doesn't have to be on the Food Network or anything, although that would be very cool)
  23. teach a class at a university
  24. visit Sweden on summer solstice (my birthday) and spend the day and all night on a sail boat and watch the sun never set
  25. pay off my student loans
  26. have outdoor space that is all mine
  27. learn how to garden in said outdoor space
  28. paint an accent wall in my apartment
  29. see the Utah Jazz win it all
  30. set foot on every continent
  31. own one pair of ridiculously expensive shoes
  32. take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti
  33. learn how to do tricks on my snowboard, nothing fancy, just something other than pointing my board downhill
  34. fall hopelessly and unconditionally in love permanently
  35. have the person I love fall deeply in love with me permanently
  36. become a dedicated patron of something . . . the arts, opera, maybe an orchestra
  37. volunteer for more projects like Guatemala
  38. volunteer with Habitats for Humanity
  39. learn how to build things
  40. get a dog
  41. see my sister happily married
  42. have more patience in all things
  43. buy more original art
  44. be able to recite 3 amazing poems, not sure which ones just yet
  45. distinguish myself in my career
  46. attend an NFL game
  47. have a room in my house called "the library"
  48. learn how to play the guitar
  49. visit Nepal so I can see (not necessarily climb) Mt. Everest
  50. attend a red carpet event looking smashing
  51. take a road trip from Alaska to the southern tip of Baja - or maybe press on and continue all the way to the southern most tip of Chile (which is the end of South America, right?)
  52. own a secluded cabin in either the Uintas, or near Mack's Inn in Island Park in Idaho.
  53. see an opera at La Scala in Milan,perhaps with my sister-in-law on stage . . .
  54. understand my spirituality more completely
  55. make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  56. float in the Dead Sea
  57. enjoy a delectable, romantic dinner at Jean Georges or La Bernardin
  58. kiss someone passionately on the Pont Neuf in Paris
  59. hear live music in Cuba
  60. learn how to salsa dance
  61. read the stories from Arabian Nights to my children in one thousand and one nights
  62. reconnect with a lost friend
  63. eat sushi at the crack of dawn in Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo - unfortunately I was a sushi novice when I went to Tokyo and missed this
  64. sky dive out of a plane
  65. attend the summer Olympics (the winter ones were great!)
  66. swim with dolphins
  67. eat gyros from a street stand in Turkey
  68. learn how to take a compliment
  69. be better at giving compliments
  70. with all my lofty travel plans perhaps I should just buy a round the world air ticket (I've heard they exist) and run away for a year
  71. ride a camel in Egypt and see the pyramids
  72. ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia
  73. sit on a jury (really)
  74. for that matter, conduct a trial (not necessarily with a jury because that isn't really my field)
  75. visit Walden Pond and read Thoreau while drifting in a canoe
  76. stand under a waterfall in Hawaii
  77. and perhaps overcome my fear of jumping off cliffs into water and jump into a pool at the bottom of a waterfall in Hawaii
  78. rent a houseboat on Lake Powell with my whole family
  79. learn more constellations (you know, other than the big and little dipper and Orion)
  80. be kissed at midnight on New Year's Eve
  81. ask someone I've only just met to go on a date (scary!)
  82. accept myself for who I am
  83. focus on healthy eating and working out long enough to get my body in the kind of shape I know it is capable of
  84. accept myself even if I don't
  85. recognize that my greatest weaknesses are often my greatest strengths
  86. ride an elephant in Thailand
  87. drive a zambonie
  88. experience a full high tea in London
  89. visit all 58 National Parks in the United States, I think I've been to 11 so far
  90. visit the ruins of Pompeii
  91. save and invest for my future
  92. watch the Iditarod under the Northern Lights
  93. learn how to fly fish
  94. listen to the Dalai Lama speak
  95. eat real jerk barbecue from a roadside jerk hut in Jamaica
  96. try the candy at Papabubble
  97. spend the night in the penthouse of a super fancy, over the top New York hotel with someone fun who will order room service with me, enjoy the view and giggle about how spectacular and decadent the whole experience is
  98. receive flowers from a secret admirer (but not a stalker)
  99. give a needy family Christmas anonymously
  100. how do I put this one . . . really enjoy a much anticipated honeymoon, if you know what I mean, a long honeymoon where I don't see many sights . . . I think you catch my drift.
Please note that you did not see "run a marathon" anywhere on the above list or anything related to running. That is because I do not enjoy running. It hurts. It hurts my lungs, it hurts my knees and did I mention the pain in my knees?

What 100 things do you want to accomplish?


Tiffany said...

What a fantastic list. I wish I knew where half of the locations you mentioned are, but they sound fabulous. I wish every single one of these for you; you deserve them. :)

Here's a blog comment secret. When I'm bored, I start following links on friend's sites and make a few comments on new-to-me blogs. You link your own site, end up with more comments, and better yet--get a new friendship and reading material too.

Tiffany said...

P.S. I will steal this idea soon. It's got me thinking.

Beck said...

You're such an adventurer! I don't know if I have any goals, which is really pretty grim when you think about it.
(Hey, I HAVE won a baking contest, though! Let me recommend it to you - that's a lot of fun.)

autumn said...

Finally, someone to go on my African Safari with. I knew I could count on you! On our way back we can buy those shoes...

Annie said...

Here's to #17!! We have a lot in common, I knew I liked you:) #82-84, amen. The only one I can't really swallow is #17...sorry! As for #90, I'd LOVE to go along!! Great list

Robert said...

The Aeland Islands, where your Grandfather was born, are an archipelago that stretches from the middle of Finland across the Baltic Sea nearly to Sweden, and they speak Swedish there. You could accomplish 12 and 24 with one trip. 52 could be arranged and tied into 93 if you do it in Island Park. 40 has already come true for you and you can take him with you at any time.

Ma said...

What a great list. You've already traveled to most of the continents, and I'm sure you'll eventually make it to most the other places that you have mentioned.

#7 & #8 If you lived here, you could have your piano and soon your grandmother's organ. All you'd need to do is find the time to take more lessons and practice, practice, practice.

#39 said that you wanted to build something. As a very young child you built a lot of "trains" and you know how to put up a tent and build a great campfire. I guess that's not what you had in mind, was it?

#55 - Anonymous may suggest a pilgrimage to Mag-Nuh.

#61 has to include Scheherazade being played between each story.

#100 - Did you ever see "Barefoot in the Park"

I'm sure you will accomplish most everything on your list some day.

alison said...

what a great list. many of the things you listed are similar to what i would choose. i need to work on my own. thanks!

Soul-Fusion said...

thanks for all the comments!!

Dad, I never knew the name of those islands - I was thinking I could combine those two, now I have the info. And I don't think you would like me taking the diggit away, plus I think NYC would freak him out. He is a suburb dog.

and mom, I don't think building a campfire counts.

lizzie said...

great list. i almost was going to go to the world series. i don't suggest going to a chargers game for your nfl thing. and i am very proud of you for not including running in anything. you know how i feel about running.

critts said...

Well you can cross #62 off you're list now that we're back in touch! And I'm officially leaving coment 11, so you can cross off #17 too! xosteph

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