Monday, September 10, 2007

waiting for inspiration

Unfortunately my muse (if I ever had one) has checked out for the time being. Perhaps she has tired of my abusing her terrific ideas with not entirely well-thought out (or well-proof read) posts. Or maybe she just needed a vacation. Whatever the reason, I've got nothing. Instead of writing nothing, I am choosing to steal an idea from Tiffany and write 100 nothings about today, about my weekend and well, nothing whatsoever:

  1. it threatened to rain all day today
  2. luckily I never got wet
  3. sometimes I'm bothered that we refer to weather generically as "it"
  4. as in "it's cold outside"
  5. or "it might snow"
  6. maybe weather would be nicer if we weren't so harsh
  7. maybe weather can be female like a ship
  8. I think it might be feminine in French
  9. but then again, my French is tres, tres rustique so I wouldn't rely on it for anything
  10. except maybe a simple bonjour
  11. Monday is never a fun day at work
  12. I snoozed through my work-out alarm for no good reason but laziness
  13. and PMS
  14. I seriously thought that was a good reason not to go to th gym this morning
  15. then I had a HUGE lunch to welcome a new associate at work
  16. I found her irritatingly chatty
  17. I countered with my own irritating chatter because I could feel our boss was slightly annoyed as well
  18. that probably compounded the problem
  19. the worst part was when she mentioned her "grandma's tobacco farm"
  20. neither of us had any response for that
  21. lunch ended with a GIANT fortune cookie filled with whipped cream, fruit and a giant fortune
  22. but I actually had molten lava cake, perhaps the best dessert ever invented.......... mmmm, molten lava cake
  23. which is why I am not eating dinner or even hungry for dinner at 830 pm
  24. this weekend I was excessively lazy
  25. I've grown tired of "nice days"
  26. I am tired of summer clothes and tired of humidity
  27. I'm ready for fall and sweaters and blazers and . . .
  28. okay, I'm not ready for boots
  29. I want to keep wearing flip flops everywhere
  30. I watched the movie Bridge to Terebithia last night
  31. It was one of my favorite books as a kid, I remember it being one of the first books to make me cry
  32. the movie made me cry, a lot
  33. I probably needed a good cry, because of the PMS
  34. or perhaps I was just overdue
  35. I really love my Ring Road playlist, I listen to it constantly (including right now)
  36. It really brings back some of the images of my vacation, which makes me happy
  37. I had scheduled brunch with my favorite group of girl friends this weekend, unfortunately two got sick and canceled at the last minute so I just met one
  38. we changed the location to Chelsea and ended up eating somewhere gross
  39. I hate having brunch wasted on a bad restaurant, I didn't even know there were bad restaurants in Chelsea
  40. I cleaned out my desk filing drawer this weekend - I kept reserving this task for a rainy or cold day in the fall or winter but it was making me crazy just cramming paid bills into an overstuffed file folder
  41. I filled an entire garbage bag with shredded bills and statements
  42. I finalized a contract over the weekend, more details later . . .
  43. I really need a new vacuum. I bought mine when I finished law school 6 years ago and it is barely worth using.
  44. I want the Dyson slim that is currently being advertised on my tv
  45. I don't know why my tv is on right now. I'm not watching it, it is on mute but for some reason I didn't turn it off.
  46. I rely on my tv too often for company.
  47. It has been very, very poor company as of late. Can the new fall line-up just start already?
  48. Maybe this should have been 50 nothings of the day . . .
  49. I skipped out on a birthday dinner Friday night for no good reason.
  50. Okay, I had a good reason. I didn't feel like trekking an hour on a bus to the upper east side and another hour home.
  51. Some cab drivers were still posing some silly strike which meant the remaining cabs were difficult to find and were given free license to RIP YOU OFF!
  52. After the gallery exhibit last week I had a difficult time finding a cab and when one finally stopped I had to share it with another woman already in there.
  53. She lectured me about how dangerous the area was where the cab picked me up. It wasn't an ideal location but she was overly paranoid.
  54. The cab cost me $10 when it should have only been $5!!!
  55. I have a couple of options of where to hang my painting but I think I need to paint a wall - it really can't hang on a white wall.
  56. I've never painted anything in my life.
  57. No, that's not true. I had this hutch when I was a kid that I tried to paint yellow when I was about 10 years old. Rather than the bright lemon yellow of my bedroom furniture, the paint was an ugly mustardy yellow that didn't match at all. I didn't care and painted the whole thing anyway.
  58. Oh, I guess I also painted a 3-legged table with Emily once. And a shower curtain.
  59. But I think I mostly painted her and she painted the table and the shower curtain that we never used because our apartment had shower doors.
  60. I sometimes wish I could re-do some college experiences with my hormones properly medicated. I think things would have worked out much better.
  61. Although I still loved a lot of things about college.
  62. I graduated from college ten years ago.
  63. TEN YEARS AGO!!!! I have been out of college a whole decade. Wow.
  64. I was really lazy Saturday night and made dinner out of the random ingredients I had lying around after not grocery shopping since before my vacation.
  65. I ended up with macaroni and cheese made from tri-colored fusilli pasta, butter, velveeta cheese (yes, I had some in my cupboard!) and half & half (I had some that was still good but no milk).
  66. It wasn't as good as I had hoped.
  67. Friday night I had a ridiculous craving for meat (this is very rare for me) and tried to order ribs from my favorite bbq place but they stopped taking delivery orders at 7 pm. I was so sad.
  68. Especially since they also have the greatest red velvet cupcakes (next to mine) and I wanted one of those too.
  69. I ordered a skirt steak instead and was very happy - especially with the yummy mashed potatoes that came with it.
  70. I pulled out the Arrested Development dvds this weekend.
  71. That show is SO funny and my bitterness has been renewed over its cancellation.
  72. Please no one cancel The Office, it is all we have.
  73. I couldn't bring myself to start a new book this weekend, I'm pretty disappointed in myself over this.
  74. It is hot in my apartment.
  75. Opening the windows doesn't help because of the humidity but if I turn on the air conditioner it just gets cold.
  76. Eating at nice restaurants always leaves me thirsty all afternoon. The secret to their fancy food must be a lot of salt.
  77. Seriously, this girl mentioned her grandma's tobacco farm over lunch. I can't get past that.
  78. I'm going to another wedding next week.
  79. I think I'm okay with it.
  80. Even though I never received an invitation. Apparently the mailman really wants to go.
  81. Saturday the groom told me I am his only girl friend who is attending the wedding.
  82. Luckily he still has other single friends who will be in attendance and I even know some of them. He told me who I'm seated with at the dinner.
  83. I don't know what to wear.
  84. I have dresses, I am just tired of them or I don't want to wear the shoes that accompany the other option(s?).
  85. I hate platform shoes - I have one pair of black patent peep-toe platform shoes that look amazing but feel like torture devices after five minutes of standing.
  86. And Howard made me promise I will have fun and dance at his wedding. He is very concerned about people having fun at the wedding.
  87. I'm making a very short stop-over in Salt Lake on my way to LA next week.
  88. Mostly so I can eat fry sauce.
  89. And take a very adult step.
  90. And be with my mom while my dad has a heart valve replaced.
  91. And take my dad Iceberg milk shakes to help him recover.
  92. Wow, now I'm hungry.
  93. Last night I had a dream I went back to college and shared a dorm room with my sister - we also had to share a bed. I am sure she would not be happy with that. She hates sharing a bed with me. Hates it. She is always afraid I will cuddle with her.
  94. I'm a good cuddler.
  95. I will be an aunt in approximately three weeks. I am very excited and anxious to meet my niece and find out what her name will be. My favorite name got dropped by the wayside. Sad.
  96. I have a lot of house plants but lately I have really been craving a trip to the plant district (a fantastic street in the 20s with cheap plants) for more greenery. Fall seems like a good time to add more green to my home for the winter.
  97. Why did I mention winter? I think the dread of winter ruins the joyous season of autumn for a lot of people. Or so I have been reading of late on many a blog.
  98. My grandparents are so fun to talk to on the phone. Yesterday I had emailed something to my Grandpa to print and when I told him I couldn't hear him anymore on the phone he claimed it was because he had "set the phone down on the desk" and then when he had to change the printer cartridge and couldn't find it my grandma suggested it might be in the fridge! I was impressed they were able to get it changed all on their own.
  99. Can your grandparents change a printer cartridge? Can you??
  100. I made it! So sorry to take up all your time if you managed to read this whole stream of consciousness dribble of nothing. . . I promise to improve once my muse returns. Or when I allow myself to write about my big news.


tiff said...

Maybe our muses are on vacation together. Damn muses!

Anyway, I loved reading this. Lots of fun info and fun to peek into your mind for a minute.

Good luck with the paint color. Your painting deserves it, I agree.

Good luck to your dad. If you have spare moments in SL (which I'm guessing you won't), please call us!

I hope you have fun at the wedding. Howard sounds sounds like a good friend. Dance, dance, dance.

I'm laughing over your grandparents. Ha!

I'm ready for autumn too. I can't believe I said that.

Ma said...

I made it through your 100 thoughts, and they were quite interesting, but I think you were hungry the whole time you were writing since you kept mentioning food. The red velvet cupcakes sounded the best to me.

Looking forward to spending time visiting with you next week even if it's going to be just sitting in the hospital together and praying that all goes well. At least you're not going to be away at college trying to study for a final this time.

Six years ago today we were looking up at the World Trade Center deciding that the next day would be a good day to go to the top of the building unless it was raining again. It wasn't raining on the 11th, but instead of going to the top, we watched the building come down.

Beck said...

I hope you have lots and lots of fun at the wedding! Weddings can be so much fun, if we let them.
Now I'm hungry too, darnit.

lizzie said...

i am hungry too.

i hope and pray all goes well for you dad.

i am sooo excited about your news!

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