Monday, September 03, 2007

Closing the circle

Friday we hoped to make it to the Blue Lagoon before it closed. But we took many detours and realized our goal was unrealistic. I would have enjoyed one last soak but I wouldn't trade any of our stops for it.

One thing I should note about the photos - the snap shot/vacation looking photos are mine, the artsy and beautiful photos are my sister's.


Ma said...

Oh the places you've been! The photos are all fabulous. I am so glad that you and Erin had the opportunity to go to such an amazingly beautiful place. I must admit that I am jealous, but it's nice that we can all visit Iceland vicariously through your pictures and stories. Thanks. for sharing them.

Jason said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had quite a party over there. I was hoping for pictures of Vikings, but the beautiful scenery was good enough.

Beck said...

Seriously, I had never even THOUGHT about visiting Iceland before and now after seeing your photos, I WANT to. Beautiful!

michele said...

so jealous

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