Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthday Spotlight

This is an official birthday tribute to a friend who has continually challenged me, amazed me, loved me, surprised me, entertained me and always been there for me. So here you go Amanda, a walk through the memories . . . mostly very old because those are the funny ones, but a sprinkling of more recent ones too. Maybe this will prompt you to make your second ever comment or maybe to start your own blog for your birthday (PLLLEEEEEAAASSSSE!!!!)


I moved around a lot growing up so I do not know what ever became of the occasional friend I made before junior high. Amanda and I met when we were 13 which makes her my oldest friend with a history 19 years! Which somehow does not seem possible. We met in 8th grade, standing next to each other with our "E" last names in gym class line-up. My earliest memory of Amanda (which was oft repeated) was her lapping me when we had to run. She was always a runner and I never was. After finishing the mile and a half or whatever distance we had to run, she would run up next to me and cool down as she urged me to the finish line. We had gym together again in 9th grade and I'm sure the running thing continued.

I have a very vague memory of the first time I visited her house - that all important step of removing a friendly acquaintence from the confines of a shared class to a friend you call incessently and hang out with. I don't remember when that happened - maybe between 9th grade and sophomore year? Or maybe it didn't happen until we were sophomores, bonding in the lunch room as Amanda made fun of me for eating my "dessert" pudding pack before the rest of my lunch. She didn't have much room to talk because she liked eating fritos with bananas.

As our families are sure to attest, it is highly likely that we were the nerdiest sophomores to ever grace the halls of our high school. During that transition year before boyfriends, jobs and other friends, we lived in our own world. We rarely had a class together but we passed an endless stream of notes to each other and after running out of stuff to say in our notes we began writing sagas - picking up the story where the other left off. The first thing we did when we came home from school was get on the phone and talk about who knows what.

Amanda was the smart one, the studious one, every teacher's favorite with nearly straight A's. I was a bit less focused and often begged her to sluff classes with me (with little success) to get breakfast at Hardee's when we should be in sewing class (yes, Amanda was responsible for my attempts to learn how to sew) or head for the canyon when we should be in seminary.

To literally steal a page from the yearly page long entries we reserved for each other in our high school year books, I will list the memories, some of which might be a bit too revealing but probably not as embarrassing as some of these photos I dug up:
  • I could not start this without mentioning squids and the "standard of squidness"
  • DuranDuran
  • you never calling me back . . . (I forgot abut that)
  • cheep-cheaps
  • helping you get ready for prom with that really tall cowboy. . . ?
  • willia . . . poor willia
  • notes and sagas, especially sagas
  • yo-gurt (too bad I don't currently owe you any)
  • The Bet
  • Kevin - the square one
  • me enduring not one but THREE dates with a boy I didn't even like so you could ask your crush to Husky Howl . . . and eventually marry him
  • car tag (more endurance on my part)
  • hunting for gas in the nerdmobile
  • beads - Zims!
  • you getting lost driving to Zims . . . or anywhere else for that matter
  • 22, two-twenty-two and the magical hour of 22:22
  • FHA Convention (a gathering of conservatives) - your words from my yearbook
  • Park City FHA convention running away from Hicks and getting stuck in the elevator
  • the covert mission to Hicks house, note the photo above!
  • planning Husky Howl
  • how do you spell Rowdie?
  • drive-bys that never happened
  • slushees from Rainbo
  • with tiny tarts
  • all our nerdy trips to the library
  • SL Egg
  • Cinnabon (it counts!)
  • broken neck
  • camping (once you figured out you didn't need the butane curling iron) . . . but with a chaperon
  • Marie Claude
  • AP Bio
  • how I took chemistry with you for a day or two
  • Adam
  • Frank the Wo
  • Nene L. Wo
  • SHANE! that was his name
  • your cute little Honda
  • the magical mystery mazda
  • El Karlo
  • balloons on state street
  • Gandhi-Gi
  • Drop Dead Fred
  • VL
  • Born Again VL
  • learning to buy a "real" bra
  • cross-country
  • red velvet cake
  • whole-wheat cookies
  • football games
  • Band
  • waiting for a ride at the Top Stop (is that what it was called?) after football games
  • Tiffany Brooke
  • foo-foos
  • no smoking signs
  • "Eat Meat"
  • The Long Life Veggie House
  • scrunchies
  • the mall
  • when you worked at the mall, in that kiosk - I don't even know what you sold
  • mall food courts
  • how you liked to buy things without any money
  • tagalongs
  • the cabin . . . wow, that is an ancient memory I almost forgot about - floating/climbing down that river
  • the love machine
  • being questioned by the sheriff near La Caille . . .
  • DMB concert at the E Center where we had our own personal row
  • walks with Malcolm and Murphy
  • oreo cows
  • a memorable heart to heart in your driveway
  • fights I don't remember
  • but always making up
  • even when my mom forced me . . . with your favorite whole wheat cookies
  • Quinn scouting out the torches in my backyard
  • Emery asking me for stories about Malcolm
  • all the thoughtful notes and cards and emails you have sent me over the years
  • and oh, so much more. . .
Amanda, I vividly recall sitting in the food court at Valley Fair Mall in high school watching some ladies we perceived to be old (who knows, they could have been our age!). We discussed at length whether that would be us one day - lunching as old ladies together. I'm happy to say, I think it will (only we will pick a better lunch spot than the mall - a little Cafe Rio maybe?).

Thank you Amanda for following through with the promise you made me in my senior yearbook to be my friend "always and forever for eternity and more. . . " I love you!


Amanda H said...

I am completely overcome. I've never had a birthday tribute before. That was so sweet of you! My heart is filled with 19 years of love for you, and pride and admiration for what you have become. The best thing about our friendship - no matter how long since we last spoke or visited, I feel like we pick back up without missing a beat. I love you. Thanks for keeping me around!

lizzie said...

happy birthday amanda! i remember a few of those items on that list. what a blast!

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