Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tour Guide Weekend

I had a few visitors in town this weekend - Tiffany's husband and son with a couple of their friends. We met up late Saturday afternoon at my place. I was a bit reluctant to show them around at first, but then Ryan agreed to clean my apartment.

so I gave Christian a cupcakeand I showed them my roof. I also asked them to each wear striped shirts so we could find each other easily.
Then I took them to the water where we waited in a long line to not go on a boat, but Christian had fun at the water playground and managed to stay dry.
After a long subway ride to Brooklyn with a slight detour due to track work, we skipped the extremely long line outside Grimaldi's pizza and tried the Italian place next door instead. It wasn't the best Italian in New York, but I LOVED the look on Christian's face after I told him that the calamari he liked is squid! He literally jumped back in his chair like I had just scared him.

We walked back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge and took in the phenomenal views (and yes, I realize these photos are blurry but the flash photos don't do it justice).

One last stop for the night at Carnegie Deli
where Christian could not get enough of the pickles. . .
I met them again this morning and we did a quick tour of the Museum of Natural History (after yet another subway construction caused delay).

Then we waited in another long ticket line, stood on the hot black top in yet another line, and finally boarded The Beast, a speed boat tour to the Statue of Liberty. I did this years ago and now I am wondering why I waited so long to go on it again (other than the long line).
It speeds down the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty where the boat pauses for photos with amazing views of lower Manhattan. Ryan and Mr. Smith decided they should quit their jobs, buy a boat and create a Beast ride of their own.
The Beast got in a water fight with The Shark boat.
And Christian got a bit wet on the way back.
We had a great time together, thanks Tiff for lending me your boys for a couple of days. Christian is one of the funniest, most well behaved kids I have ever been around. He tells great stories and did not complain once! Very impressive.


tiff said...

Oh my gosh, this seriously made me get teary-eyed. I'm aching to see them both! Thank you so much for being such a nice host, tour guide, and date. There aren't many other women that I would let date my boys for the weekend!

My favorite quote from Christian over the weekend: "Mom, I was so thirsty after the Yankees game, when we got to the restaurant I threw down three root beers!"

Threw down?

Again, thank you so much! I can't wait until it's my turn to come and hang out with you!!! I'm counting down the days.

lizzie said...

i want to come...please? looks like you all had a great time!

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